Cheese Knife Set- Essential Cheese Knives for Your Next Spread

Posted by Erica Cedrick on 2019 Dec 11th

Cheese Knife Set- Essential Cheese Knives for Your Next Spread

Now the time has come when you should replace your old and dull butter knife that you have been using for cutting cheeses. They aren’t fit for your perfectly arranged cheese plate. If you are a cheese lover, then you may understand that cheese comes in several types and that cutting different cheese with a single knife isn’t justifiable. To get the finest cut, you must opt for a cheese knife set that consists of essential knives meant for a specific cheese style. When paired correctly, they will help you maximize the portions and flavors of your favorite cheese.

If you buy each knife separately, it may result in an unappealing mixed set and the dependability of each of them will vary as well. In this blog, we have described all those essential cheese knives that you must have as part of your flatware collection.

Must-Have Cheese Knives that Your Cheese Knife Set must Consist of

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There is a variety of cheese and hence, knives are designed accordingly to serve different purposes. When you serve the cheese with a perfect knife on a marble cheese board, it amplifies the beauty of the eatable. A few most important knives that you must have are enlisted below:

Soft Cheese Knife

A soft cheese knife is an open work blade knife that consists of holes in the blade. Such a knife is designed to prevent soft cheeses from sticking on the blade due to its minimal surface area. Soft cheese knives have a sharp edge and are ideal for cutting soft and semi-soft cheeses such as fresh mozzarella, Brie, Camembert, etc.

Pronged Cheese Knife

The pronged cheese knife is also called as forked-tipped spear. It is a multipurpose device that lets you cut a piece of cheese and pick it up with the help of prongs for plating or serving. Typically, such knives have a narrow blade to offer a minimal surface area so that cheese doesn’t stick much on the blade. They have an upward-curled narrow blade, pronged end, and sharp edge. These are ideal for cutting soft to semi-hard cheeses such as Brie and Parmesan.

Cheese Spreader

A cheese spreader, as the name suggests, is designed to apply cheese spreads and cream, spreadable cheeses onto crackers and breads. It is also known as a spatula knife and has a dull edge with a rounded blade. It is ideal for Crea, Cheese, Stracchino, and Robiola.

Parmesan Knife

A parmesan cheese knife features a sharp long edged, triangular stubby blade, and sharp-pointed tip to break off chunks of hard and dry cheeses. The sharp edge of the knife helps in cutting rinds open. These are ideal for cutting hard cheeses such as parmesan, Grana Padano, and Castelmagno.

Cheddar Cheese Knife

It is also known as cheddar cleaver, mini cleaver, or semi-hard cheese knife that is built to cut hard and semi-hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Colby, Gruyere, and Fontina. The cleaver shape and wide blade lets the cutter to utilize force and balance to push the knife down and cut slices. The handle placement protects your knuckles from getting hit on the board. Typically, the knife has an ergonomic handle and features a sharp long edge.

Flat Cheese Knife

It is used to cut slices off of aged cheeses by pressing the blade vertically over the cheese and pushing it downward. Then, you can use the sharp bottom edge to cut the pieces down even more. The knife features a wide flat paddle-like blade with a sharp end. It is used to cut semi-hard and semi-soft cheeses such as Swiss, Provolone, Asiago, and Gruyere.

Cheese Plane

A cheese plane is specially designed to achieve thinly sliced prices of cheese. For slicing, you need to pass the plane along the side or top of the cheeses. The slice will settle on the top of the plane’s spatula-like structure, making it easy to serve or plate. It is ideal for semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses such as Fontina, Havarti, and Muenster.

Cheese Fork

A cheese fork is essential on a cheese board to pick up cut pieces of cheese for serving or plating. Besides, you can utilize it for breaking up blocks of aged cheese into smaller chunks. Generally, a cheese fork consists of two pointed forks and it is ideal for semi-soft and hard cheeses such as Provolone, Cheddar, Feta, Parmesan, and Gouda.

Final Verdict

Apart from the above-described cheese tools, there are a few more that are used by cooks in hotels and restaurants. With a perfect cheese knife set, you can increase your efficiency of cutting a perfect slice of cheese and make it look more presentable.

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