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Beer Bottle Opener- What Makes a Perfect Bottle Opener?

How does it feel while holding some chilled beer bottles in your hands and not having an opener or a table edge near you? It feels embarrassing and really sad. Correct? If it is so, then why not get a beer bottle opener that can slide easily into the pant pockets and can be carried everywhere you wish to. This is surely the perfect option.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what attributes of an opener makes it a good bottle opener. Also, what kind of designs you must choose to buy so that you never regret for beer getting wasted.

Features to Seek for a Perfect Beer Bottle Opener

What do you think makes a good beer bottle opener? The design? Not really! Designs are only to impress people or the guests visiting you. A good opener is the one that does its tasks in a very efficient manner and without taking much time.

Below, we have enlisted a few features of the bottle opener that you must look for while purchasing one for yourself and for gifting it to anybody you wish-

  • Easy to Use

Purchasing something that you can’t use because of its complex design isn’t recommended at all- especially when it’s about opening many bottles of ice-cold beer. People are unable to keep patience for one of the most loved drinks. Therefore, you should always go for something that is easy to use and don’t consume your time in wondering how to use that piece. Besides, the tool must fit in your hand. For such an item, we suggest you to check out the amazing collection of beer as well as wine bottle opener that fits easily in your hands and is easy to use.

  • Light Weight

The second most important factor to consider while purchasing the opener is that it must have a light weight. Why? It is so because a light weighted tool is easy to carry anywhere and you don’t have to make additional efforts to use it. Usually, people urge to buy something that has a unique design. In most of the cases, the products with beautiful designs are very heavy as they require more metals or materials in the making of that specific item. Hence, you must buy something that serves your primary purpose well.

  • Does Double Duty like a Corkscrew Opener

Some corkscrew openers are designed to perform double activities like opening both wine and beer bottles. Likewise, there are beer bottle openers that are made to serve more than one purpose. For example, at Inox Artisans, you will find one such opener that can be used to serve two different purposes- the first includes opening a metallic cap and the second one is to fasten nuts and bolts. If something helps you in performing more than one activity, then it’s worth purchasing.

Beer Bottle Opener Designs You Should Opt For

One can pretty easily conclude from the above discussion what designs we are actually talking about. However, those who can’t figure it out can have a look below and find out what we really referred to. Besides, the designs mentioned below are available at Inox Artisans at an amazing and affordable price range-

Spanner Design Hand Bottle- As we have just discussed above, buying something that serves an additional purpose is worth buying. Similarly, a spanner design hand bottle not only opens up the beer bottles but also helps in tightening or opening the rotary elements such as nuts and bolts.

Nascent Steel Jason Design Hand Bottle Opener- Such an item is perfect for a wedding or housewarming gift. The Jason design is rustic organic flatware which is formed by the artwork of pitting and forging. It is best suited for casual and fine dining.

Full Polished Knot Design Hand Bottle Opener- This might be something you would be looking for. The opener has a knot design which makes it pretty beautiful. The piece has an evocative and classic design with easy curves. It could be a perfect wedding for someone close.

Burnt Black Lilly Design Hand Bottle Opener- The Lilly design looks as elegant as the flower Lilly. Nowadays, it is the top-selling and trending barware design. Plus, because of its simple yet elegant design and its light-weight, this beer bottle opener is easy to carry and easy to use. 

Apart from those described above, there are several other beer bottle openers that you can pick up. Some of them include coconut wood handle beer bottle opener, copper antique CELIA design beer bottle opener, and more. For more details, you must check out our fantabulous collection of different barware.

Inox Artisans- A Perfect Destination for Easy to Use Barware

Until now, you would have figured out what makes a good beer bottle opener. Also, you are now familiar with what kind of designs you must go for. Now, the question arises- where will you find these? The answer is- at Inox Artisans.

Our collections of barware, flatware, serveware, etc. are a hundred percent handcrafted into sophisticated creations of functional art. These render a clean and contemporary look to your bar as well as the kitchen.

We can make your home bar and kitchen the talk of the town with our high-quality and beautiful barware, serveware, flatware, etc. offerings such as the Lilly, Knot, and Safari Designs.

In case you are seeking online wine bottle opener for a wedding gift, then browse our wonderful collection of corkscrew and beer bottle opener.

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