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Why Every Home, Restaurant, and Bar Owner Must Have a Serving Tray?

Despite being used for serving multiple purposes, a serving tray seldom receives our attention. They are one of the most ignored serveware in almost every home. A beautiful serving tray fits nicely into any lifestyle and can serve a myriad of practical everyday uses.

From serving food and drinks to a work surface to a beautiful home decor, it can do a lot more. Thus, your serving tray shouldn’t just look beautiful but it must be strong, reliable, and durable for a long time. The reason being not everybody changes serving trays on a frequent basis.

In this blog, we are going to have a deep insight into the use of trays and why every house, restaurant, and bar owner must have them.

Most Common Places Where a Serving Tray is Used

Whether you are running a catering business, restaurant or bar, just like a marble cheese board, serving trays too hold extreme importance at every place, even at home. Let’s find some popular uses of these trays at some common places-

At Restaurants

Those who are working in the food industry will agree that these trays are used for something more than just serving. They are used to carry food and beverages from one place to another. Besides, they are used to serve specific sized portions of food to different tables. However, there are some restaurants that use the serving tray to serve food on. Indeed, serving trays play a pretty crucial role in the food industry.  Just like Cambridge flatware, Inox Artisans also provide flatware that is rich in quality and is durable for a long time.

At Bar

There could be some common uses of serving trays at bars and restaurants with a slight difference. In restaurants, food is the main item served to the customers while at bars trays are used to serve mainly the drinks- cocktails or mocktails or others. Most of the food at bars are served on the serving tray. In case you want to make your tray at your bar look more attractive, we recommend you to serve food with black flatware which may include black spoons, forks, and knives.

At Home

We all are aware of the use of serving trays at home. Mainly, trays serve the purpose of serving foods or snacks and beverages such as tea, coffee, etc. to the guests. For this purpose, your tray should be appealing enough to be able to start the conversation when you put down the tray on the coffee table. To your surprise, a serving tray can be used as a great coffee table tray decor. You can put some magazines, candles, etc. in it and enhance the beauty of your dining as well as a coffee table.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Serving Tray

When picking up a serving tray, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Let’s find out what they are-

  1. Firstly, you are required to make a choice of the color and size of the trays. They come in distinct sizes, you need to make choices based on your business needs.
  2. If you want a tray for carrying through walkways, they have to be small enough so that it can fit comfortably.
  3. Waiters with big trays will find it difficult to walk through doorways. Furthermore, the possibility of accidents and food spills will increase.
  4. The best way to determine a tray is to analyze the task that is going to be accomplished using it.
  5. Serving trays should be such that it renders a visual enhancement to the food served on the tray.
  6. Ensure that the tray you have picked up will create a beautiful presentation for each meal which is absolutely essential to woo the guests whether at home or outside.
  7. You must check for the sturdiness of the tray. It should provide an equal balance to every meal placed on it.
  8. One of the most essential aspects to ponder while buying a tray is that your tray shouldn’t only look good but needs to be practical and serve the purpose that it is actually meant for.
  9. If you are buying trays for serving drinks, then you should refer to a specific kind of serving trays.

In Conclusion

Serving trays are considered as one of the hardest working serveware in the household. Besides the basic chores, a serving tray serves a lot of purposes that not everybody is aware of. The most typical use of a tray includes serving foods and drinks and transporting the empty plates, glasses, and other flatware back to the kitchen. Hence, it’s an extremely crucial part of the food sector. So, it’s equally important to get a tray that is both beautiful and reliable at the same time.

In case you have decided or planning to get a serving tray to your home, browse the impeccable collections of trays at Inox Artisans. Our trays render an elegant and classy look and designed to serve various purposes than just serving food. We have several other items as well that will make your kitchen look beautiful such as amazing silverware sets, copper flatware, cheese knife sets, and more.

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