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Brilliant Serveware Sets Ideas by Inox that Your Guests Will Appreciate

We are probably living in an age where old things are less appreciated until or unless they are crafted with a new style and some unique features. The same goes for our flatware, serveware, barware, and all other things found in our kitchen and at our home.

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Today, we are going to discuss some amazing products offered by Inox Artisans. Our products are completely hand-crafted and hammered to beautiful designs and patterns. Each item has an artistic look and renders ultimate balance and comfort and that’s what our top priorities include. So, without making any more fuss, let’s encounter the excellent products Inox has in its store.

Ingenious Serveware Sets that are a Must-Have for Every Kitchen

Whether you are seeking a stylish serving tray, cheese knife set, salad serving spoon, or literally any serveware pieces, we have it all for you. Check out what we hold in our reserves:

White Marble Stone Platter with Glass Dome

It is one of our finest pieces we have in our collection. Made from white marble stone, this platter is a perfect element for picnicking or at home entertaining or even at the restaurant. This petite plate is ideal for slicing fruit and serving appetizers to your guests. Not only this marble stone platter but our other stone collection too portrays the same simplicity and country elegance at its best.

White and Brown Marble Stone Pinch Pots

The set consists of five pieces with four pinch pots. You can use these pots for several purposes depending on your needs. You can either use this set to serve fruits with each pot containing different fruits. Or you can also use it for keeping salt, pepper, etc. in all those four pots so that your guests can take from it at any time of the meal or snack if they feel the need. In fact, you can keep it on the coffee table tray and use it as a coffee table tray decor.

Full Polished Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl

Bowl has always been considered one of the best options for housewarming gifts and wedding gifts. At Inox, we have amazing collections of stainless steel fruit bowl that makes impression of grandeur and style on guests. They are completely dishwasher safe and are perfectly balanced for performance. Our stainless steel items or silverware sets are packaged in custom soft cloths for brilliant showcasing and most importantly for proper preservation.

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Brown Forest Marble Stone Cylinder Shape Handles Salad Serving Set

It one of the most impeccably styles salad serving sets designed to make you feel wonderful while you hold it. Further, it provides a great balance when you are using it for serving salads.

White Marble Stone Spoon Rest

This piece of serveware is a beautiful and natural way to rest your spoons and pans. The solid stone construction makes the item stronger and durable for a long time. It is easy to clean and is a perfect piece for picnicking and entertainment at home.

Burnt Black Lilly Design Honey Dipper & Jam Serving Spoon

Our honey dipper and serving spoon are something that is loved by most of the people and for great reasons. These sets are highly authentic and have a wonderful pragmatic design. The spoons and honey dipper are hand-forged to provide a unique style and to give a solid structure so that it doesn’t break easily.

White Marble Stone with Metal Handles Service Tray

This brilliant piece can be used either as a serving tray or as a coffee table tray. This serving tray features beautifully sculpted handles for maneuverability as well as silicone feet that offer non-slip protection for your counters. Besides, you can also use it for serving appetizers and slicing fruits.

Mini Cheese Knife Mix Designs Set

We might have understood that this cheese knife set is a packet full of mix designs. The set consists of four cheese knives in two different designs- the black burnt knot design and a steel knot design. Each piece gives you a proof of great skill and art. Plus, they are super smooth yet solid and sturdy.

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Full Polished Hammered Stainless Steel Condiment Set

Just like the bowl, condiment set is also an ideal choice for wedding and housewarming gift. You can simply use this set for keeping or serving different dips, dry fruits, sauces, or simply mouth fresheners. Each item in this set is hammered handmade heavy gauge stainless steel tableware.

Copper Antique Sundance Design Cake Service Set

We all love cake and that’s why it needs a specific set for serving it perfectly. Inox provides a beautiful copper antique Sundance design cake service set that will let you take out cakes pieces perfectly and serve it the guest in the most beautiful way.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

It is the most essential item for serving cocktails. The reason why it is so popular is that it provides an additional cooling sensation to the people drinking the cocktail. At Inox, we create Moscow mule copper mugs that are created from pure 100% high-quality copper metal.

In a Nutshell

Serveware sets at Inox Artisans are worth purchasing for both impressing your guests as well as for your convenience. Our products are handmade, hammered, and forged to be stronger and durable for a long time. You must browse our outstanding stock at least once; we bet you will fall in love with them!

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