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Beautify Your Serveware, Make Your Dining Table Brim with Black Handle Flatware

There was a time when silverware sets with shiny texture were more loved and decorated over the dining table. However, with the changing trend, people have developed a new taste and have shifted their choice of choosing flatware. More than a complete silverware set, people nowadays are expressive more of their love for black handle flatware.

No doubts, black flatware provides a richer look to the dining table and it’s absolutely not just because of its elegant look but also because it’s stronger than others.  At Inox Artisans, all the items included in the black flatware sets are hand-forged to make them stronger and more durable. Their quality, design, and prices aren’t any less than those renowned brands like Mikasa, Lenox, Oneida, and Cambridge flatware.

In this blog, we are mainly going to discover some amazing black handle flatware sets that Inox Artisans has in its collection.

Black Handle Flatware Sets that You Must Have in Your Kitchen Collections

Do you know what’s the best part of having hand-forged black flatware? It is that you can wash them in the dishwasher without any fear of getting damaged like the wooden one. Here’s what we have in our collection-

Burnt Black Safari Design Salad Serving Set

The burnt black safari design salad serving set is a perfect example of heft and balance. This handmade Safari flatware offers a perfect balance for comfort & luxury and could be a great wedding gift. Safari provides an elegant curve pattern and is burnt black safari. Unlike the Lenox flatware collections, we don’t sell complete mate and black flatware but we have a stock of flatware with black handle and beautiful designs.

Lenox flatware

Burnt Black Safari Design Cheese Knife & Cheese Spreader

In order to get a perfect cheese slice without getting it wasted, you need a knife that is specially meant for slicing cheese. At Inox Artisans, we offer burnt black safari design cheese knife and cheese spreader that undoubtedly look great in both hands and on the table. It would surely be one of the best black flatware sets in your stock.

black flatware

Burnt Black Lily or Safari Design Honey Dipper & Jam Serving Spoon

Honey is best served with honey dipper only. With spoons, you can do that but can’t match the level of work that a honey dipper does. The same goes for Jam serving spoon. So, if you are still using the wrong flatware for serving honey and jam, then it’s the time you should fill your collection with the right ones. Just have a look below, we are sure you will forget Oneida flatware and others. This set not only looks beautiful but it also renders a perfect balance and offers a good grip. At Inox, we have these sets available in both black lily and safari design.

Burnt Black Lilly Design Coffee/Dessert Serving Spoon Set

Dessert and Coffee servings are incomplete without a spoon. The spoons used for eating and serving definitely won’t go well with them. So, you need a nice coffee and dessert serving spoon to serve coffee and dessert to your guests. We are sure our collection is going to woo your guest. Here, have a look at how beautiful they appear.

Cambridge flatware

We are sure you won’t find it in the collection of Mikasa Flatware. It’s a unique piece created by Inox Artisans that is known for its authenticity and pragmatic flatware.

In a Nutshell

Inox Artisans is just another name of authenticity and quality. Besides the steelware or silverware sets, we have amazing black flatware sets in our stock available in various designs. The flatware provided by us not only gives your table an elegant appearance but they also feel good in your hands. The perfect combination of weight and balance doesn’t let it tip down from your plate or bowl.

In case you are searching for other flatware like serving trays, marble cheese board for chopping vegetables and cheese or any barware, etc., then you must browse through our online store.

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