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Our Handmade forged flatware can be very exciting and fulfilling product to posses and own but Tableware industry hasn’t changed much in decades. Just same old same old products plain and simple knives and forks to enable you to eat and serve food specially for middle class demography of population around the world. So when we started in 2004 we saw a big opportunity to make a big difference. It looked like industry was sleeping with developments and innovations in terms of designing and consumer experience and affordability. Other than big automatic machines replacing centuries ages old artisanship. We knew we could bring style, quality and smarts to flatware / silverware / tableware / barware. We knew we could make it fun, artistic and stylish. And we are doing just that. As it looks like and we think that we just started our journey. So, our ideology was to rethink of every aspect of our business and processes involved with it. Starting with how our designers design our products with their authentic original  and evocative ideas taking inspiration from centuries old practices and considering maneuverability and affordability for average middle class customers. So we decided to make it better. We streamlined it, designed it, refined it, tested it and figured it out. We learned how to use steel better, finish it better, and waste less material. We wanted to bring you flatware / silverware / tableware / barware that not only looks great, but also really works better. Every time you pick up your fork we want to bring a little smile to your face.







When our designers go to work they take in consideration use, care, durability and affordability of everyday use. With that goal in mind they create great ideas and solutions to problems. Result is an everyday use products brings gratification and overture to your family & friend’s life. Each of our designs are researched, modeled, drawn, prototyped and refined before it goes into final production. Using wooden models, our designers work with a range of techniques to become intimately involved with each form in all its subtleties and details. Bottom line INOX artisans’ mindful, evocative, classic and practical designs are characterized by its distinct handles with easy to handle curves and angles for comfort & pure Luxury. Our handmade flatware / silverware / tableware / barware, that are of highest standards making them perfect for your casual or fine Wine & Dine OR simply a great gifting options for Wedding gifts or Housewarming gifts. To  elaborate the fact our tableware makes a best Housewarming gifts, good Housewarming gifts , traditional Housewarming gifts, personalized Wedding gifts, unique Wedding gifts, best Wedding gifts, traditional wedding gifts, good Wedding gifts, cool Wedding gifts, great Wedding gifts, creative Wedding gifts which are cherished and adorned by recipients of housewarming gift or wedding gift. 

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