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We know you want your high quality tableware in perfect sparkling conditions and make a spectacle of itself but please, before using your INOX artisans’ flatware for the first time, pop it in the dishwasher or wash it thoroughly in hot water using a mild detergent BUT no scrubbing please just to get all the last bits of the factory off!  Most of our products are Dishwasher Safe and been tested by internationally reputed laboratories.

Stainless steel can last a lifetime with proper care by avoid soaking for prolonged periods especially if your flatware is dirty after use. Don’t sharpen your knives as that may expose corrosive substances., damp storage conditions, abrasive cleaners and steel wool. Use a liquid or cream detergent and dry after washing. Stains and spots can be removed with a soap cloth or stainless steel cleaner.  Stainless steel does resist stains, rust, and corrosion better than most other metals. Stainless steel will still react to general use and wear & tear. Try to rotate your flatware so that all pieces maintain a consistency of finish over time.

Dishwashers and Detergents :

To keep your flatware look sparkling and well polished to make it last long time  we suggest you don’t let it sit in the very hot and humid atmosphere of the dishwasher. It’s best to let it dry in cold temperature air drier. Also make sure that your flatware is completely dry before storing it. Use only good quality dishwasher detergent. Avoid Lemon scented  or Corrosive Detergents. Wash your flatware separately from aluminum, sterling or silver-plated items as pitting can occur caused by an electrochemical reaction.

Special Cleaning & Care :

Should special cleaning be necessary due to staining or marking, the gentle use of a mildly abrasive, all-purpose quality stainless cleaner will help remove discoloration while maintaining and reviving the beautiful luster of your flatware. You can also use rubbing alcohol or salad oil to clean stubborn water spots. Shine with a sponge doused in white vinegar. That’s what they do in restaurants!

Finally, Once or twice a year clean all your stainless with mild stainless steel cleaner.

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