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Learning The History Of Copperware

Learning The History Of Copperware

Posted by Vijay Maheshwari on 2022 Jan 27th

Copper Flatware and Silverware have recently turned into highly desirable kitchenware which not only serves food in style but also add a fine touch to your home’s ambience. However, do you know how long has copper been in the use to create kitchen utensils? Well, let us give you a historical tour of this important metal.

Copper is one of the oldest metals known to humans. Just like Gold, Copper too was discovered due to its different hue and distinctive characteristics. Historians have found copper artefacts and utensils in various excavations. It is a known fact that a lot of civilizations knew the importance of copper in daily life and hence used it in various forms.

It didn’t take much time for people to discover that copper and bronze had low melting points and hence they could be cast into different things. Hence, people started making various things from them. They made weapons, various tools, and kitchen equipment. So, the copper flatware that you are using at home has a great lineage.

Copper Usage in Cookware

Everyone wants to add copper to their home décor. This is due to the rustic yet magnificent feel that it adds to your home. However, the best way to do this is by adding copper through some nice copper silverware. The copper silverware adds elegance as well as copper comes with a lot of benefits. Over the years we as consumers are putting our focus on having better eating habits. We are trying to source organic vegetables and fruits and we are also taking into account the nutritional value of what goes into our bodies. However, when it comes to flatware and silverware we seldom care to understand what are we using to serve that nutritious food.

Copper is a metal that requires minimal processing, hence, a lot of countries including India, China, and Rome have been using copper flatware for a long time due to copper’s anti-germ properties. Moreover, copper is a durable metal that can last for years more than you can count. Along with this copper has anti-inflammatory properties, so if you are already using copperware at your house, then you are averting a lot of diseases.

Nowadays, as copper kitchenware is becoming a popular choice in every household, it is being available in a lot of interesting designs. We have a terrific range of copper flatware and silverware that can go well with every décor. Our handmade products offer the authenticity that you want in your copper utensils.

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