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What’s new at INOX Artisans? Wood Trays and Marble and Wood Cutting Boards

What’s new at INOX Artisans? Wood Trays and Marble and Wood Cutting Boards

Posted by Anita MacKenzie on 2022 Jul 13th

Recently, we added some stylish but functional kitchen accessories and must-haves for entertaining at home. Wood trays, platters and plates bring a warm earthy vibe to your table and add a welcome layer of texture. Our new marble and wood cutting boards are unique and beautiful…and perfect for serving cheeses and other delicious foods.

Along with being helpful in the kitchen, wood cutting boards can bring a decorative element to your kitchen and home.

Read on for some facts, decorating ideas and important tips for keeping your marble and wood cutting boards looking new.

History of the serving tray

The serving trays of today originated from the “salver”. The word comes from the Latin “salvare”, which means “to save”. Back in 1661 England, salvers were flat silver trays. Food that was on a salver was considered fit for those in the royal household to consume. In other words, some poor servant had already tested the food or drink for poison!

Then there were the rimmed TV trays of the 1950s. Made from waterproof melamine a plastic material with a popular name brand version known as “Melmac”, these trays became popular in school cafeterias and mess halls.

Fast forward to today and trays aren’t just for royalty or avid TV watchers. Trays are a popular and versatile home décor item.

Tray chic: Decorating with wood trays

Handcrafted wooden serving trays offer many opportunities for styling and serving food. Wood naturally brings warmth and character to any space and natural wood tones and grains look extra pleasing next to colorful fresh fruit, artisan bread and cheese.

Practically speaking wood trays with handles are just the thing when you want to transport food and drinks from the kitchen to the living room on movie nights or when you’re entertaining guests on the patio. And let’s not forget those special times that call for breakfast in bed.

Starting with your dining table, here are some tips for styling your wooden serving trays for any occasion:

Did you know that you can use a tray to change up the levels on your buffet or dining table? Turn a rectangular or round wooden tray upside down to prop up and highlight the main entrée or a delicious dessert. It’s also a great way to add height to your table centerpiece.

Our Aria Scorched Wood Serving Tray with Handles has a rustic aesthetic that dresses up or down, to suit any table. Flip it upside down to create a platform for a lovely row of dessert cupcakes or turn it tray side to serve up the main dish. Handmade from mango wood, it has an eye-pleasing scorched wood finish and black iron handles.

Our Bois Wood Bark Nut Bowls showcase smooth hand-carved and sanded interiors with a natural bark exterior for a rustic look. Crafted from solid mango wood, every bowl has a distinctive color and texture bringing a truly unique look to your table setting. Use this trio to serve nuts, chips, and other savory snacks.

Flipped over, this bowl becomes an eye-catching platform for a centerpiece of fresh flowers. Or place it on your serving table and top it with individual bowls with condiments, pickles, and relishes.

Lunch on the patio or in the garden? Bring a natural touch to outdoor dining by serving sandwiches in rectangular wooden serving trays. You can even use them to serve sushi or salad with the dressing and sauces on the side.

Our Faron Rectangular Acacia Wood Trays come in a set of three. Hand-carved trays add warmth to the table and these versatile wooden serving trays make lovely centerpieces. Fill them with your favorite succulents or a row of votive candles to give your table a lovely glow.

Where else can you use trays?

  1. On the bar. Display your favorite glassware or bottles of liquor and other spirits. When guests are coming over, dress up the tray by adding a bowl of lemons or a vase with freshly-cut flowers.
  2. At your bedside. Use a tray to keep things like watches, rings, reading glasses and other items neatly corralled on your nightstand.
  3. By the door. If you’re always looking for your keys use a small wooden tray or bowl as a catchall for all those things you need when you head out the door.
  4. Topping an ottoman or coffee table. If you’re using an ottoman in place of a coffee table, topping it with a tray will create an instant focal point. If you’re not sure what to put in your tray, use the “four-quadrant rule”. It involves filling each corner with something natural, practical, scented and structural.
  5. Adorning the vanity. Glam up the vanity in your bath with a beautiful marble tray filled with pretty perfume bottles, skincare jars and makeup.

Bring on the glam! Our rectangular Marcella Marble Tray with Leaf Handles showcases white Agra marble with decorative leaf motif handles in a shimmering copper finish.

Simplicity and beauty often go hand in hand and our chic Chateau Marble Gold Foil Serving Board is no exception to the rule. The simple marble slab design features a textured raw edge, finished in gold foil. This handcrafted marble board will beautify any space in your home.

“C” is for Cutting Boards and Character

Wood cutting boards are functional when used for cutting and serving, but they also display beautifully, adding character to a space. If you’ve got a collection of wooden cutting boards, you can mix and match different boards to use as plate chargers.

Another way to display your cutting board collection is to layer a group of two or more against the backsplash in the kitchen or displayed them on open wall shelves.

Handcrafted from beautiful acacia wood, our Alto Acacia Wood Cutting Boards come in a set of 2. These versatile boards are ideal for cutting and slicing foods and do double duty as serving trivets or cheese and fruit platters.

An apple a day! Our Ambrosia Apple Shaped Mango Wood Cutting Board is a playful piece of functional art for your kitchen. Perfect for cutting fruit, veggies and your favorite cheeses.

The best of both worlds! The Katni Wood & Marble Paddle Board has a large wood area for slicing and cutting and a marble area for keeping foods cool.

Marble stays cool, which makes it a preferred choice for cheese lovers! The elegant Eclipse Round Marble Cheese Board will keep your cheese and charcuterie at the right temperature.

Here are some tips for keeping your marble and wooden cutting boards looking their best:

  • Wipe them with warm soapy water and towel dry or rack dry them on their side
  • Submerge in water, but never leave a cutting board soaking. It can cause your board to warp.
  • Don’t put your wood cutting boards in the dishwasher. The high heat and harsh detergent will dry out the wood, warp it or cause it to crack.
  • To wash use liquid soap and rinse well.
  • If you use your wood cutting board to prep raw meat, mix 1 ½ teaspoon of bleach in 4 cups of water and use it to sanitize your board.
  • Over time cutting onions and garlic can leave your board with an unpleasant odor. To get rid of smells, clean it as usual. Then, cut a lemon or lime in half and rub it over the board. You can also add small piles of salt and use the lemon to rub it into the wood. Let it sit for a moment and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.
  • Don’t rub the marble side of your boards with lemon! Too much acid is not good for marble. If it needs sanitizing, use a solution of equal parts vinegar and water.
  • Keep the wood seasoned by rubbing it with coconut oil or olive oil. How often should you oil it? The rule of thumb is that the more you use your board and wash it, the more you need to oil it.

Shopping for someone who loves functional and beautiful handcrafted items for their home?

INOX Artisans offers a lovely selection of handcrafted marble and wood cutting boards and marble trays in many shapes and sizes.

INOX Artisans is for People, Planet, and Prosperity. We have generated orders resulting in over $1.2 million going directly to artisans over the past 5 years which has created over 400 sustainable full-time jobs for handicrafts artisans. We forge fair & equitable relationships with our artisans and promote health, education, and development projects in their communities. Our goal is to groom talented artisans to improve their social life and create envi

  • Ongoing business counseling & entrepreneurship guidance to upcoming artisan groups
  • Mentorship on production capacity building and production planning
  • 7+ interest free business loans to help artisans kickstart their workshops and gain financial independence.
  • 15+ On-site training to all artisans to upgrade their handcrafting skills
  • Free business license setup and consulting to artisan group so that they can become tax paying members of their community
  • 100% recycled packaging
  • 5% of sales proceeds directly going to charities based in US & India. 
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