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About our Planters

Do you have a green thumb? Our modern metal floor planter stands will show off your plant-growing wizardry in style.

Whether you’re one of those people who can never have enough plants or someone who likes a bit of greenery in the home, there’s no doubt that plants breathe life into whatever space they live in.

Decorating with plants

Did you know that decorating with plants can be good for you? Plants produce oxygen and having plants around you can help reduce stress. What’s more, including plants in your home office décor can increase productivity.

Growing indoor plants invites the freshness of the outdoors into a space. Start small with one or two plants or go big with a lush indoor garden. Either way, you’ll want to display and enjoy your plants.

Here are some tips for decorating with plants:

  • A group of plants can have a big impact. When creating plant groups, decorators recommend using an odd number of plants. The rule of thumb for a formal look is to use even-numbered groups. For a casual look, stick to odd-numbered arrangements.

  • Group plants of different heights and sizes together. It provides a more organic look, like plants in nature, and adds interest to your plants. Our set of three modern indoor planters has small, medium, and large-sized pots in ascending heights to create visual interest.

  • Mix it up! Place trailing plants with upward-growing plants for visual appeal.

  • Don’t forget plant care. Place light-loving plants in bright areas (avoid direct sunlight) and follow watering recommendations for each type.

What is a cachepot planter?

If you’re new to indoor plants, you may not have heard this term. Some new plant owners think they should re-pot house plants as soon as they get them home. The truth is that plants do well when kept in their growing pot for a long time.

But, what about that new ceramic planter you can’t wait to display? It’s easy to spruce up the look of your plant by using your new planter as a cachepot. So go ahead and place your growing pot inside your new decorative ceramic planter!

Keeping plants in their grow pot makes watering easy, as these containers have holes around the bottom to allow for drainage when watering.

Metal Floor Planter Stands

There are many ways to display and enjoy plants, from hanging them from the ceiling to placing them on tables and shelves.

One of the best ways to showcase your plants is to elevate them from the floor. A lush medium-sized plant will appear taller and create a focal point in a room when placed in a standing pot planter.

Our modern indoor planters will elevate your plants in style. Looking for a stand-out metal floor planter for your home office? A single large black metal pot planter will capture attention.

Crafted from solid metal, our floor planter stands are powder coated for durability. Choose from black-on-black or gold-on-gold styles or select a mix of black-on gold with a rounded pot for a modern addition to any room.

Ready to give your plants a home they will love? Order a set of three modern indoor planters in your choice of style and color!