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Is your home in need of a stylish and practical way to get and stay organized? Our selection of rustic wall hook racks will get your busy household on track to becoming a clutter-free zone. Our selection of rustic wall hook racks includes many styles to match your home décor, from modern farmhouse to vintage style. And for animal lovers, our decorative animal wall hooks are just the thing for hanging up the leash after a long walk in the park.

Where to hang your rustic wall hook racks

Handcrafted from acacia wood, our rustic wall hook racks include two sawtooth hangers on each end. This makes them easy to hang on a wall or a door. Measuring 16 inches wide and approximately 6 inches deep, they fit nicely on the side of a storage shelving unit or cabinet.  

Hang our nature-inspired 3 and 4-hook racks in an entryway, hallway, laundry or mud room, kids room, bath, guest room, or any place in your home you could use a functional accent piece on the wall.

Decorative animal wall hooks

Dog owners will love our selection of wall hooks which are perfect for keeping collars, leashes, and pet waste collection bags organized and within reach as you head out the door. We have several styles to choose from. Our Silver Antique Standing Dog Rustic Wall Hook Rack features a set of three double hooks with a large bone and standing dog design.

Pug lovers will love the antique silver hook boards with 4 adorable wrinkled pug faces in a row. Each pug holds a thick utility hook, suitable for heavy outerwear and hiking gear. Another model for dog lovers features a sitting Labrador, patiently waiting to go for a walk, with casual-style coat hooks for coats, hats, bags, key lanyards, and other items.

Our decorative animal wall hooks include flying pig hooks for those who love a whimsical touch. These flying pig hooks remind you to hang on to your dreams while hanging your purse, scarves, and sweaters on 4 silver patina hooks!

Antique copper coat racks

If you love farmhouse or ranch-style décor you’ll find rustic hooks with cows, longhorn steer heads, and majestic bucks. Made from solid wood and sturdy cast iron metal, these antique copper coat racks add charm to your front door and back door entrances.

Our collection includes flying friends, with antique silver hook boards showcasing birds, bees, dragonflies, and butterflies.

It’s always a good time to get your home organized. Shop our selection of decorative animal wall hooks for hanging keys, coats, hats, scarves, bags, jewelry, and towels.