Sundance Meat Carving 2 Pc. Set

1.00 LBS

INOX artisans fascinate about its expatiate and elaborate designs which defines its culture as handmade modern flatware company committed for welfare of its artisans who work for its success relentlessly. The subject matter of this design SUNDANCE acting like as counsel steering into direction of admiration for its geometrical shape which is handmade flatware & forged complimented by its copper finish which is antiqued to resonate about its lifespan as living being OR not? It's our best seller designs adored by our customers and is perfect for personal casual or elegant fine dining, wedding gift or housewarming gift. Our stainless steel flatware have a coarse texture, which is compatible with opaque dinnerware, heavy glassware and loosely woven linens. Aerodynamic and modern 2 Pc. Meat carving flatware set with mirror polished heads to slender joins tapered handmade forged and feature handles with a droplet design that lie flat, making them the ideal accompaniment to make your dining experience unique and very special. The stainless steel flatware is artfully packaged in custom soft cotton cloth packaging to showcase and protect their unique design. A 2 Pc. Meat Carving Flatware Set consist of long handle meat carving knife and and meat fork.
  SUNDANCE fascinate its expatiate and elaborate design flatware
  SUNDANCE screams direction of admiration for handmade flatware
  Copper finish resonates its exclusivity as handmade silverware.
  Dishwasher Safe. Avoid Lemon scented or Corrosive Detergents.
  Perfectly Balanced for Performance.
  Handmade and Forged with High Grade Stainless Steel Flatware
  Ornamentation and Design pattern is precisely rendered with depth and clarity on both sides.
  The handles are not so narrow that when held doesn't press uncomfortably into the palm.
  Fork tines are symmetrical, the edges are rounded, perfectly tapered, and polished on all sides.
  Knife blade feature a curvaceous edge with rounded blunt tip and possesses a good cutting edge.
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