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Did you know that using the best quality flatware sets can enhance the aesthetic of your table? Yes, you heard it right. In the market today, there are myriads of designs available that are absolutely made of fine material. But, the majority of people find it difficult to search for the appropriate flatware sets that match your needs. 

From premium stainless steel to modern copper, Inox Artisans allows you to enjoy your meal in style and comfort. Our each and every product are handcrafted, hammered, and forged to be stronger and durable for a lifetime. We can make your kitchen the talk of the town with our super stylish flatware such as copper flatware set and so on. Be it anniversary party or a family get together, have a look at our excellent stock at least once. We assure you that you will surely fall in love with our flatware sets specifically designed for your needs!

Founded in 2017, INOX Artisans strives to be a brand that brings value to your dining table. Hence, as a result, hand-picked craftsmanship with the ultimate quality to make sure that we fulfill every criterion. Our makers are proficient in making the flatware set that sets the tone for fashion meets the latest trend. All of our products are easy-to-use, attention-grabbing, need low maintenance, and ensure longevity. Overall, today we are a groundbreaker in hands-on designs & state-of-the-art techniques. Most importantly, we meticulously build up a good understanding of global design trends.

We comprehend our responsibility and strive to meet our customer requirements. We work hard to surpass the expectations of the customers to tailor-made our product design, range, and service. Attention to detailed market study is one of the important activities to go hand in hand with the changing times and accomplish excellence. Thusly, we are setting up new standards in customer service. We give equal value to each and every order either small or large. At Inox, we are committed to offering the best customer satisfaction and put forth a better understanding to meet their needs. This is the reason you will never be disappointed with our praiseworthy selection of best flatware sets. Without a second thought, just invest in the best!!

We are a One-Stop Shop for Handcrafted Flatware Accessories

Are you looking to replace your old flatware with the new one like black handle flatware? Well, if that is true then thinking about the change is not wrong. Who does not want to give their guest a warm welcome and serve them delicious food using the perfect and classy flatware set? Everyone!

Flatware designs have improved a lot with the changing time and different styles are now available to meet everyone’s need. Inox Artisans has the vast selection of flatware sets that are in different shades, shapes and sizes. We have flatware sets such as –

    • Copper Antique Hammered Urban Design Flatware Set
    • Copper Antique Ridge Design 5 Pcs. Flatware Set
    • Copper Antique Sundance Design 5 Pcs. Flatware Set
    • Nascent Steel Ridge Design 5 Pcs. Flatware Set
    • Nascent Ss Jason Design 5 Pcs. Flatware Set
    • Copper Antique Celia Design 5 Pcs. Flatware Set
    • Inox Honey Copper Fairfax 5 Pc. Flatware Set
    • Inox Satin Pearl Etched Chantilly 5 Pc. Flatware Set
    • Inox Honey Copper Newport 5 Pc. Flatware Set
    • Inox Midnight Black Brier 5 Pc. Flatware Set
    • Inox Midnight Black Versailles 5 Pc. Flatware Set
    • Inox Cinnamon Bronze Melrose 5 Pc. Flatware Set

And there are some more that will surely amaze you with its captivating appearance. For checking out our flatware collection, visit our website get to know every detail about our quality rich products. All the kitchenware, flatware, or silverware we have in our stock are ideal for use in anniversary party, casual get together or office party. And we assure you no one will leave your place with appreciating you for the quality flatware you have used.

We understand a party or meeting is incomplete without having a beer to celebrate the happy moments. Lost your finest beer bottle opener? No worries, INOX Artisans got you covered! Our alluring and high-quality barware offerings such as the Knot and Safari collection will surely make your home bar talk of the town. Our wide array of bar accessories features perfectly crafted patterns that appear thin yet very shapely. Besides this, every single piece has been handcrafted with great attention for the final product and its usability.

How do we make our flatware ? 

How does it perceive and sense in your hands?   I we hope we help you find a perfect set of handmade flatware, silverware, serveware, cheese knife and accessories, tabletop or barware!

First things first, base metal which in our case is 18 8 Stainless Steel. So for metal iron to be called as Stainless Steel it has to have at least 11.5% of Chromium which makes SS rust resistant. But all our products are made of 18% Chromium component.  Now, second important component of good SS is Tin which makes it more corrosion resistant and malleable which makes it perfect case for hand forging. But problem with Chromium is that it has very low melting point of 450°F or 232°C  it tends to evaporates while forging as iron has melting point of 2800°F or 1538°C .  So even though we start out with 8% Tin content SS but it melts away some of it. I hoping this isn't too much info but just to be informative about our products and crafting process.   So, we consulted with the independent metallurgists at CATRA (Cutlery and Allied Trade Research Association, www.catra.org) to assess the alternatives to using nickel. We learned that 18 8 stainless steel has a resistance to corrosion that far exceeds what is required for normal domestic use. Our 12% Chromium stainless steel, properly processed, still meets high standards for quality and passes all standard corrosion tests done by internationally reputed labs around the world. Most of our products are certified as  Dishwasher Safe.

Second factor contributing to quality is Gauge (thickness) of metal which can be compared by looking at the sides of flatware or silverware or barware or bar tools. Normally, they range from 1MM to 4MM but we use minimum of 2.5MM to begin with to 4MM. I mean to say dinner fork or spoon has to be thicker then salad fork or spoon. Thicker doesn't always mean better. A thicker fork, for example, may be harder to bend out of shape with use, but may be too heavy to balance properly. Bottom line is that selecting a good tableware come down to : Does it feel good in your hand? Does it fit with our sense of style? Does it feel like quality? Is it satisfying, useful and beautiful? Does it fit with your sense of value?
Final factor contributing to quality is Construction of piece itself. Whether your flatware / silverware / tableware / barware  is well balance, heads are perfectly angled at correct degree with handles and is comfortable in your hands.  Your flatware / silverware / tableware / barware pieces should fit comfortably in your hand whether you are cutting, lifting or piercing food to eat or service. By virtue of being our history as more then 20 years worked as executive chef  in India and abroad. We promise you that we thought of every possibility on that part of manufacturing and got it  and well taken care.