Our Craft

 Our Tableware :

How does it perceive and sense in your hands?   I we hope we help you find a perfect set of handmade flatware, silverware, serveware, cheese knife and accessories, tabletop or barware!

First things first, base metal which in our case is 18 8 Stainless Steel. So for metal iron to be called as Stainless Steel it has to have at least 11.5% of Chromium which makes SS rust resistant. But all our products are made of 18% Chromium component.  Now, second important component of good SS is Tin which makes it more corrosion resistant and malleable which makes it perfect case for hand forging. But problem with Chromium is that it has very low melting point of 450°F or 232°C  it tends to evaporates while forging as iron has melting point of 2800°F or 1538°C .  So even though we start out with 8% Tin content SS but it melts away some of it. I hoping this isn't too much info but just to be informative about our products and crafting process.   So, we consulted with the independent metallurgists at CATRA (Cutlery and Allied Trade Research Association, www.catra.org) to assess the alternatives to using nickel. We learned that 18 8 stainless steel has a resistance to corrosion that far exceeds what is required for normal domestic use. Our 12% Chromium stainless steel, properly processed, still meets high standards for quality and passes all standard corrosion tests done by internationally reputed labs around the world. Most of our products are certified as  Dishwasher Safe.

Second factor contributing to quality is Gauge (thickness) of metal which can be compared by looking at the sides of flatware or silverware or barware or bar tools. Normally, they range from 1MM to 4MM but we use minimum of 2.5MM to begin with to 4MM. I mean to say dinner fork or spoon has to be thicker then salad fork or spoon. Thicker doesn't always mean better. A thicker fork, for example, may be harder to bend out of shape with use, but may be too heavy to balance properly. Bottom line is that selecting a good tableware come down to : Does it feel good in your hand? Does it fit with our sense of style? Does it feel like quality? Is it satisfying, useful and beautiful? Does it fit with your sense of value?
Final factor contributing to quality is Construction of piece itself. Whether your flatware / silverware / tableware / barware  is well balance, heads are perfectly angled at correct degree with handles and is comfortable in your hands.  Your flatware / silverware / tableware / barware pieces should fit comfortably in your hand whether you are cutting, lifting or piercing food to eat or service. By virtue of being our history as more then 20 years worked as executive chef  in India and abroad. We promise you that we thought of every possibility on that part of manufacturing and got it  and well taken care.