Bar and Wine

Our range of bar accessories features finely crafted patterns that look slim yet very shapely. But that’s not all – each and every single piece has been hand-made with great consideration for the final product and its usability. We have an excellent variety of barware, from cocktail strainers made from coconut wood to Moscow mule copper mugs. As you explore our items, you’ll find the perfect pieces that you need to please guests. Get ready to transform your everyday bar into an extraordinary part of your home! INOX Artisans’ collection is a hundred percent handcrafted into sophisticated pieces of functional art. These provide a clean and contemporary appearance to your bar. Our expertly designed bar tools include corkscrews to effortlessly eject corks from wine bottles. Apart from the trusty wine bottle opener, we also craft openers for beer bottles that can be conveniently used. Lost your trusty beer bottle opener? Make a new favorite at INOX Artisans! We can make your home bar the talk of the town with our high-quality barware offerings such as the Knot and Safari collection. Additionally, our marble and stainless steel wine bottle coolers are popular among our clients as well. Now you can remove wine bottle corks with convenience and pour out cocktails in great style!