Celia Cheese Knives, Spreader & Fork Set

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INOX Artisans’ top-selling patterns have been inspired by the Iron Age of the Indian subcontinent that flourished many millennia ago. Our in-house designing process combines the artisans’ ideas to recreate those ancient times through designs and patterns like the Celia. This design showcases softly-detailed handles with a herringbone finish that brings great depth and contrast to its flattened, angled, and smooth copper ends. The Copper Antique Celia Design 4 Pieces Cheese Knife Set truly captures the essence of those forgotten times with its sleek, detailed elegance. From the coarse, leveled copper handles on one end to the sharp, tapered stainless steel on the other, these pieces come together beautifully in a harmonious combination of rugged resilience and elegance.

Our handcrafted artisanal flatware has a coarse texture and a well-balanced structure that allow it to be compatible with a wide range of tableware and dense glassware. There are four tools in this cheese knife set - a cheese knife, a cheese spreader, a cheese plane, and a cheese fork. The cheese knife has a scalloped blade, whereas the cheese fork is a two-tined fork for picking the slice easily.


1. Celia handmade cheese knife set is textured with herringbone handles
2. Each set is expertly packaged to enhance the beauty and presentation of the design
3. Inox’s cheese accessories, especially in the Celia pattern, are a favorite among cheese aficionados
4. Our flatware is dishwasher safe but we advise against using lemon-scented or otherwise corrosive cleansers
5. Every item has been perfectly created, with minute attention to detail
6. Fits comfortably in the hand for a well-balanced performance
7. Forged by hand from top-quality stainless steel and copper
8. Each 4 piece set includes a scalloped-blade knife for hard cheese, a curved spreader for soft cheese, a wide-bladed cheese plane, and a cheese fork for serving