Copper Antique CELIA Design Beer & Wine Bottle Opener 2 Pcs. Set

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INOX artisan’s set of copper and stainless steel bar tools gets a sleek graphite finish for a clean and contemporary look. This is a two-piece set that includes a beer opener and a wine bottle opener in a corkscrew form which ejects wine bottle corks with ease & precision.

Our in house designing process incorporates its artisans' ideas in a highly creative manner. One of these ideas is to create flatware, barware, and cheese accessories that are reminiscent of the Iron Age in the Indian subcontinent, also known as the last phase of the Indus Valley Tradition. Celia is among these designs and has lightly textured handles with a herringbone pattern, adding dimension and contrast to the flatware’s clean-styled, mirror-finish heads.

These hand-forged bar tools feature smooth, well-defined edges that beautifully combine with the flat, curved handles that fit nicely in your hand. Inox flatware is 100% handcrafted, which is why some designs have a coarse texture. Our collection of silverware sets and barware goes well with all kinds of dinnerware whether you want to pair it with opaque dinnerware or heavy hand blown glassware


● Two-piece set that includes a wine bottle opener and a beer opener
● Handmade flatware textured with herringbone handles
● Celia reflects Inox artisans’ desire to recreate Iron Age flatware sets.
● Dishwasher Safe. Avoid lemon-scented or corrosive detergents.
● Perfectly balanced for the best results.
● Handmade barware forged with high-grade stainless steel
● Inox patterns are meticulously designed in order to achieve great precision, depth, and sophistication throughout every piece