Full Polished Knot Design Hand Bottle Opener

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INOX artisans' evocative of its classic and practical design handmade flatware & silverware, is characterized by its distinct handmade handles with soft and easy curves complimented by perfect angles for comfort of flatware usage. The grumbling sonorous handles complimented by its reflecting mirror polished head parts, on top its greeting KNOT design is a modern flatware which want to be your keeper and admirer for life. The design KNOT resonates commitment and dependability as long as you desire which commands your attention and definitely your guests which makes it perfect for wedding gifts and housewarming gifts. Our stainless steel flatware  have a coarse texture, which is compatible with opaque dinnerware, heavy glassware and loosely woven linens. Stainless steel bar tool set gets a sleek graphite finish to make the most of its clean and contemporary look. With all you need to craft cocktails, the set  consisting of a pair of bottle openers which can be of same styles or a different style as per your request.


  1. KNOT is an evocative & classic design flatware with easy curves.
  2. Grumbling sonorous handles makes it perfect wedding gift.
  3. Tappered Can opening edge & Curved Design for opening power.
  4. Dishwasher Safe. Avoid Lemon scented  or Corrosive Detergents.
  5. Perfectly Balanced  for Performance.
  6. Handmade and Forged with High Grade Stainless Steel Barware
  7. Ornamentation and Design pattern is precisely rendered with depth and clarity on both sides.
  8. Curved Design for opening power
  9. Tapered Can opening Edge