Full Polished Stainless Steel 14" Round Service Tray

1.50 LBS
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INOX artisan's handmade Full polished heavy gauge High Grade Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl which has varied usages as per your party hosting or daily usage requirements for different applications. It’s a bowl which makes a grand statement on your guest. A bowl for party or daily usage sought after for style and grand statement. Perfect wedding gift or housewarming gift.

Features :

Dishwasher Safe. Avoid Lemon scented or Corrosive Detergents.
Perfectly Balanced for Performance.
Handmade and Forged with High Grade Stainless Steel.
Ornamentation and Design pattern is precisely rendered with depth and clarity on both sides.
Round Service Tray has attributes for best housewarming gift & wedding
Tray makes impression of style and grandeur.
INOX's hammered handmade heavy gauge Stainless Steel tableware.