INOX  artisans

Our team of highly skilled artisans, who are well versed in modern techniques and tools as well as centuries old traditions of silversmith and blacksmith combined together to meet demands of designer’s and customer’s, which are authenticity and affordability of final products. Hence, forging an idea into a reality – from stamping, forging, brushing, polishing and finally packaging final products. Along the way, we meticulously inspect  these processes at 16  odd points  to ensure the best results are achieved. But it’s never just technical – intuition, inspiration and imagination are always part of the equation. We put an enormous amount of time, care and tail into every step of the process. From the start, we at INOX artisans and its QC staff  takes the time to acquire high-quality raw material and then takes special care at every stage of the manufacturing process to produce our handmade flatware / silverware / tableware / barware. Here wouldn’t want you to bore you with each and every detail, preventive and corrective steps  taken along the way. Isn’t it our responsibility anyway.

Production Videos :

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