Production Process

We create to keep an art alive. We hail from Moradabad, an old rustic town in Northern India, known for its rich history in metallic handicrafts. This town lost its relevance in 21st century of automation. Our artisans are third to forth generations hand forgers and brassieres that live a hard life and make their living by spending hours honing their craft of creating thought provoking and one of a kind houseware. We bring to live to millions of ideas and make them even better with their ancestral craftsmanship.

For us, they are our extended family and we live by our principles to prioritize their welfare and uplift their social life. Our India team helps them procure quality raw materials and prepays 50-60% of invoice that they do not impact their social life by taking loans from local moneylenders. We ensure fair practices and tirelessly work with them to ensure they are equipped to scale and grow as a business. Moreover, we promote youth education and provide alternate skills training to help them build their global reach and improve their social life.

Our India team works with them closely and checks in with them weekly to help unblock productional challenges as well as standard checking at production process such as stamping, forging, brushing, polishing, and final inspection. Post production, our team works with third-party quality control labs to random test products to ensure they meet  quality bars.

If we come across more than 20% of items in the tested sample defective, we rework with the artisans group to address concerns and . We take this step seriously and on an average, we are filter out 1.5 to 2% of produced flatware to ensure customer trust and world-class quality standards. We work with multiple artisan groups for each order and follow a uniform process to ensure quality standards are met and are delivered, packaged, and shipped to our warehouses in United states.