Twig Cheese Tools 4 Pc. Set

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INOX artisans resonates with traditional blacksmith's techniques coupled with modern flatware tools and authentic designs, we create handmade forged flatware which are perfectly balanced for comfort and luxury. Brand which is synonyms for its authentic & pragmatic design handmade flatware & silverware, forged in our factory backed by our lifelong experience in business. Our design SAFARI characterizes trails of forest on the handles, harks to tradition in this timeless pattern with elegant curves which is burnt black flatware, complimenting mirror polished finish head parts with great heft and balance. Our stainless steel flatware have a coarse texture, which is compatible with opaque dinnerware, heavy glassware and loosely woven linens. The large cut-outs prevent slices sticking to the stainless steel blade. Laced and mottled textures, fragrances running from sweet to loamy, some with gossamer strands of mold, and others held in the cradle of a rind—fine cheeses can open, carry, or close the evening. And with the right cheese accessories, you can elevate them from good to gourmet. Cheese knives, cheese forks and cheese spreader are one of the most important cheese accessories. The stainless steel flatware cheese knife & tools set is artfully packaged in custom soft cotton cloth packaging to showcase and protect their unique design. The flatware are made of mirror polished stainless steel head parts and feature handles with a droplet design that lie flat, making them the ideal accompaniment to cheese plates / cheese boards.

Made from heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel
Natural pitting during the forging process lends an organic look to each piece
Each 4 piece set includes one of each: Cheese Knife, Cheese Spreader, Cheese Plane and Cheese Shaver.
Orders are packaged in a protective soft cotton cloth, ready for gift giving
Dishwasher safe (We do not recommend lemon scented or corrosive detergents)

Our Rustic Noir 20 Pc, Flatware Set features blackened handles highlighted by gleaming diagonal ends and mirror-polished utensils. The knife has a distinctive curved handle lending an artistic look to your table setting.

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