Full Polished Inox Olive/Cocktail Picks

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Our Full Polished Inox Olive/Cocktail Picks set the mood for cocktail hour. This set consists of 6 unique cocktail picks with various handles in a unique etched stainless steel holder. Use these to skewer olives or cherries at the bar or set them on a tray for your guests to spear pickles, cheese cubes and other nibbles. Each set comes in an etched stainless steel holder.

• Handcrafted from quality 18/8 stainless steel with a sleek graphite finish
• One-of-a-kind barware to uplift your cocktails and snack trays
• Polished 7-piece set includes: Etched Container with 6 Unique Olive/Cocktail Picks
• Dishwasher safe (Avoid lemon scented or corrosive detergents)

These handcrafted olive pick sets look great topping your home bar and make a unique host gift.

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