Hammered Moscow Mule Copper Mugs 16Oz. 100% Copper

$ 14.99

• Set includes a single mug with a capacity of 16 ounces
• Each of our Moscow mule copper mugs is handmade from 100% Copper
• Hand-hammered mugs are designed in the classic, elegant shape
• Great for happy hours and for your personal barware collection

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INOX Artisan’s handcrafted mugs are hand-hammered from 100% pure, heavy-gauge copper. Perfect for any barware collection, these Moscow Mule copper mugs can also be used to serve a variety of cocktails and drinks on any occasion. We have these copper mugs in two different shapes – the classic cylindrical shape as well as a rounder shape for a more modern take on the iconic version.

True Moscow Mule lovers know how essential the copper mugs are in the complete sipping experience. Although originated more than seventy years ago, these mugs are the most important element of preparing a great Moscow Mule even today. This is because copper mugs have been known to improve the flavors of all the ingredients involved in the making of this amazing drink – vodka, ginger beer or ale, and lime. It is said that the vodka present in the drink oxidizes the copper which subtly enhances the taste and aroma of the cocktail.

These sleek, elegant, and dependable mugs will add a real charm to your home bar and kitchenware with their stylish and tasteful outer finish. Great for gifting to a fellow Moscow Mule fan, the budding mixologist or even a seasoned barware collector. Hand wash recommended, to avoid tarnishing.


• Heavy gauge metal used in the making of these handcrafted products
• Copper Moscow mule mug for durability & swag.
• These exquisite Moscow Mule copper mugs are available in two main shapes
• Each piece gives a cheerful and festive impression feeling that is ideal for celebrations
• Hand wash without lemon-scented, corrosive detergents to prevent tarnishing
• Perfectly balanced with an easy-grip handle for an excellent look and feel
• Hand-hammered with high-grade, 100% pure copper.
• Sturdy, sleek, and durable quality makes it ideal for serving beverages any time of the year

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