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Mankind has been using table spoons for hundreds of years. Archeologists tell us that the first spoons were made from sea shells and later from cow horns, bones, antlers, and wood.

Spoons had a place amongst the nobility, with ceremonial spoons presented to newly crowned kings. Silver spoons given to the parents of newly christened children were a token of good fortune and the term “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” traces back to these silver spoon gifts.

INOX table spoons aren’t real silver but our talented artisans make each spoon from durable, sustainably sourced stainless steel.

Why have extra table spoons?

When you consider that we use table spoons for everything from stirring our morning coffee to grabbing a snack of yogurt or pudding at the end of the day, having an extra set of table spoons makes a lot of tabletop sense! 

At INOX we know how important it is to have extra table spoons for everyday use or when having guests over for dinner. That’s why our artisanal flatware selection includes unique table spoons for your table. Each table spoon set includes 4 spoons and you can choose a unique flatware design or add an extra set to your existing flatware.

Specialty spoons

Some occasions call for specialty flatware. Whether you’re hosting a wedding shower or baby shower with tea and cake or having friends over for a wine and cheese soiree, specialty table spoons add to the distinction of the occasion.

Let’s take a look at the unique spoons you’ll find for sale at INOX flatware:

Heart Coffee/Dessert Table Spoons: These unique table spoons are guaranteed conversation starters. Showcasing a polished heart-shaped spoon, these specialty spoons are available in Twig, Celia, Jason, Copper Ridge, and Sundance styles. The scooped-out hearts are perfect for stirring a frothy cappuccino or digging into a delicious apple pudding cake.

Packaged in a box with a plastic window for easy viewing, the 4-piece heart spoon sets are easy to wrap for gift giving.

The Stilton Scoop: Some will want to point out that these scoops are not the same as regular table spoons. These specialty spoons are a great gift for cheese lovers, designed for scooping out portions of Stilton or Blue cheese without disturbing the rind.

Many of our customers say they enjoy using these specialty table spoons for other things, such as scooping sugar into their coffee or spooning jam and preserves onto toast.

Like our other 4-piece table spoon sets, the Stilton scoops are a thoughtful hostess gift or wedding gift for a favorite cheese-loving couple.