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Ready to stock up your bar? Our selection of unique bar accessories and barware for your home bar will have you crafting one-of-a-kind cocktails and serving drinks that your guests will love.

Barware for your home bar

When creating cocktails, having the right barware for your home bar is important. But, if you’re just starting out, it’s probably not wise to go and get everything you think you’ll need all at once. For once, it’s expensive. What’s more, chances are a lot of those nifty new gadgets will just sit there collecting dust.

What should you do instead? Research what you need to make 3-4 of your favorite go-to cocktails. Here are some common tools to have on hand:

  • Party ice buckets and scoops. Most bartenders will tell you good ice is one of the most essential elements of a well-stocked bar. Having a bucket filled with ice is also a great way to put out cold beer and drinks at a party that guests can help themselves to. Our Blume Party Ice Bucket with Stand is a galvanized ice bucket that can be used indoors or out on the patio.

  • Corkscrew and bottle opener. You’ll need these classic bar tools to open everything from wine to beer and soda.

  • A jigger. Proper measuring is key when crafting cocktails; a jigger helps measure the right amount of alcohol for each drink. A standard jigger will have two connected cups, one smaller and one larger for different measurements.

  • Hawthorne Strainer and a cocktail shaker. A shaker is great for creating ice-cold shaken drinks and the strainer removes items like ice, seeds or broken bits of fruit.

  • Coasters, napkins, and straws, oh my! Joking aside, you’ll want to have these practical items when entertaining.

Bar Tool Sets

Handmade from premium quality stainless steel, ourbar tool sets come with everything the new bartender needs to get started. The four-piece set includes a jigger, Hawthorn strainer, manual corkscrew, and bottle opener.

Olive and Cocktail Picks

Not just another bar accessory, olive and cocktail picks serve a very important purpose: to spear and pull out that cherry or olive from the base of a drink!
Our olive and cocktail picks will be a conversation starter when guests enjoy their cocktails. Each 7-piece set comes in an exclusive etched container with six unique mixed metal picks.

Handcrafted from 18/8 stainless steel with a graphite finish, themes include twigs with colorful copper, gold, and silver leaves, little metallic colored birds sitting on a wine stopper, and a mixed handle ensemble.

While these metallic picks will uplift your cocktails, they are great for spearing pickles, cheese cubes, and other nibbles.

Shop our selection of bar accessories and unique barware and be ready to set the mood for cocktail hour.