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About our Cheese Knives

With the ever-growing popularity of cheese, charcuterie boards, and grazing boards taking center stage when entertaining at home, having a cheese knife set and accessories is a must.

Whether you consider yourself a cheese connoisseur or you enjoy a mix of charcuterie, cheese, and pickles when serving family and friends, our handcrafted cheese knives and cheese accessories include all the tools you need for an elegant evening.

Handcrafted Cheese Knife Set

Each cheese knife set comes with various tools, including a cheese spreader, a fork-tipped spear, a cheese shaver, a cleaver, a fork, or a Stilton spoon.

A fork-tipped spear or pronged cheese knife is a multi-purpose tool. It has a narrow curved knife blade so soft cheeses are less likely to stick to the surface and the prong or fork on the end lets you serve or plate your cheese after its cut. Versatile and useful, this pronged cheese knife is included in every cheese knives set.  

The cheese spreader or spatula knife is perfect for spreading cream cheeses, dips, and spreads on crackers and crusty bread. Not designed to cut through cheeses, the blade is dull, with a wide rounded surface for spreading. 

For slicing off pieces of aged cheese, the flat or chisel knife is another great tool to have in your cheese knife set. This knife has a wide, flat blade with a sharp bottom edge. You hold the blade vertically over the cheese and push it down to use it.

Another popular knife is the cheese shaver. Also called a cheese plane, it is ideal for cutting thin slices of cheese. It has a spatula-like shape with a sharp-edge slit that you run over the top or side of a piece of cheese. The slice will settle on the top of the shaver so you can easily drop it onto your plate.

Every cheese board will do well to have a cheese fork for serving/plating pieces of cheese. With two solid pointed prongs, it works wonders at piercing through pieces as well as breaking up blocks of aged cheese.

Set of Butter Knives

Each set of butter knives comes with 4 rounded knives, perfect for spreading butter, mustard, and honey on crusty bread. Include a set of butter knives with every charcuterie platter, so guests can help themselves to a delicious slice of buttery bread topped with assorted cured meats.

Cheese Accessories

While cheese knives are a must on your cheese board, our selection of cheese accessories includes other specialty pieces for the cheese connoisseur. One of these accessories is the Stilton spoon.

Stilton cheese has a cylinder shape. Use the spoon or scoop to dip deeply into the center of the cylinder and place the scooped-up crumbly cheese onto your plate.

The Stilton spoon isn’t just for enjoying Stilton cheese. There are many kinds of gourmet blue cheeses to dig into, including Per Las, and Gorgonzola Dolce, to name a few.

Our Stilton Scoop 4 Pc. Sets are the ultimate gift for those who love blue cheeses.

Charcuterie Serving Utensils

Olives and charcuterie boards go together like chips and dip. For impactful flavor serve them in bowls with the brine and set an olive spoon in or near each bowl so guests can help themselves.

Not just for scooping up olives, the perforated spoons are useful for scooping up capers, pickled onions, marinated mozzarella balls, and more.
Our charcuterie serving utensils include 4-piece olive spoon sets in a variety of flatware styles.

Cheese Spreader and Fork Sets

Many charcuterie boards include delicious dips and spreads, like spinach dip, tzatziki, and chutney. Served with crackers and bread, it is a popular option with many guests gravitating towards it.

Assorted pickles add bite and crunch to the board, so include an assortment of pickles, pickled carrots, onions, and sundried tomatoes. 

Our cheese spreader and fork sets are small utensils that are perfect for cheese platters and charcuterie boards. Each set includes 2 cheese spreaders and 2 forks.

Specialty Cheese Knives

A real crowd-pleaser, our Ratoncito cheese knife sets are thoughtful gifts for cheese lovers. The mouse-shaped knives have one side for slicing and the other for spreading. The ears and pointed little snout are perfect for spearing pickles, olives, and cubed cheese pieces.

Our handcrafted cheese knives arrive beautifully packaged, ready for gift-giving, or easy storage in a drawer or on a shelf. Each 4 piece cheese knives set has all the tools you need for cutting and serving a wide variety of soft, medium, and hard cheeses.


Cheese knives are specially designed tools used for cutting and serving different types of cheese.

There are various types, including soft cheese knives, hard cheese knives, cheese planes, and cheese spreaders.

Consider the type of cheese you frequently serve. Soft cheeses like brie require a different knife than hard cheeses like cheddar.

Our cheese knives are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and precision in every cut.

Yes, our cheese knives are designed to be dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance.

While they're designed for cheese, some types like cheese spreaders can be used for other spreads or condiments.

Yes, we have cheese knife sets that include a variety of knives for different types of cheese.

Store them in a knife block or on a magnetic strip to keep them organized and easily accessible.

Use a gentle sawing motion for soft cheeses and a firm, straight cut for hard cheeses to get the best results.