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Copper Ridge Olive Spoons 4 Pc. Set
Chateau Marble Wood Wine Cooler

About our Wine Accessories

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate the taste of vino or “glogg” as some people call it. On the way to developing your palate, we have a few wine accessories to get you started. From storing your wine to keeping your wine properly chilled, our wine accessories will set you on the path to becoming a true oenophile or wine lover.  Our wine bottle storage rack is hand-welded. Made of solid iron rods it has a warm gold finish, which makes it an attractive addition to your home bar. Ideal for sitting on a bar top or kitchen counter, the storage rack holds up to 6 wine bottles. The storage rack is an efficient way to store wine for maximum space saving and easy access.

Tip: Bottles with corks should be stored horizontally in a wine rack. When you store wine bottles on their side the wine keeps the cork moist which is the key to successfully storing wine for the long term.

Once you remove the wine bottle from the wine rack, you’ll want a way to present it at the table. The marble and wood wine cooler is an elegant way to keep an open bottle of wine on the table. White wine is best served chilled (about 40-55°F), while red wines taste best at or near room temperature. Marble has natural properties that help chill your white wine. Place it in the freezer beforehand to ensure your wine stays chilled for longer.

You’ll love the way our marble and wood wine cooler brings a stately air to your table, whether you are using it to hold or chill an open wine bottle. Even when white or red wine isn’t on the menu, this versatile container becomes an elegant flower vase for the table or anywhere in your home. It also makes a beautiful utensil holder on your kitchen island or counter. 

Our selection of wine accessories includes beautiful and affordable items that the wine enthusiast will love.