Inox exclusive stainless steel houseware designs have something for all tastes – from vintage heritage styles to modern and eclectic. Handcrafted from top grade stainless steel with colorful, textured finishes in rose gold, bronze, matte black and copper, our exclusive flatware and stainless steel serving sets make every meal special.

Stainless Steel Flatware:

Unlike large stores that offer hundreds of similar-looking production line products, we prefer offering customers a smaller selection of artisan created flatware patterns. That doesn’t mean we won’t add something new to the product line from time to time but by working with our exclusive silverware styles, our craftsman are free to focus on quality over quantity. The result is unique heirloom-quality flatware you can be proud to own or buy as gifts. Start creating new memories with a new 20-piece stainless steel flatware set.

TableTop Accessories:

Expecting guests for dinner? Serve them in style with distinctive flatware serving sets, bowls and hammered stainless steel trays.

Salad Serving Sets:

Salad serving sets are versatile utensils that you can use every day or when serving guests. Pick a style that corresponds with your flatware or set your salad silverware apart. You’ll find serving sets that can work with any tablescape.

Cake and Pastry Serving Sets:

Birthdays only come around once a year. Slicing the birthday cake may not take special skills but having the right tools goes a long way to serving cake like a pro. Our handmade knife and spatula cake serving sets are well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Whether serving guests a slice of home baked pie or cake, stainless steel 2-pc serving sets bring simple elegance to the table.

Our Products

Tea and Coffee Sets:

After enjoying Sunday brunch with friends, some of the best memories come afterwards, when everyone relaxes with a steaming cup of coffee. Or maybe you prefer hosting an afternoon tea? Either way, you can expect guests to want a splash of milk, a spoonful of sugar or a dollop of honey. Our honey dipper and long handle jam serving set is a must-have when serving breads and scones. And you’ll find decorative coffee/dessert spoon sets that are as rustic or refined as you want your table to be.

Hostess Sets

From concept to completion, our stainless steel hostess set designs bring a relaxed elegance to your table. Ideal for serving casseroles, vegetables and more, hostess serving sets include forks and spoons for all your appetizers and entrées. 

Craftsman Created Housewares Made for Entertaining: 
Planning a cocktail party for friends from work? From cocktail parties to wine and cheese get-togethers, our artisan designed and handcrafted houseware selection has everything you need to make any occasion special. For those who love to throw wine and cheese soirees, our stainless steel cheese knife sets come in a wide range of styles, showcased in unique finishes. From a whimsical design with curly cue handles finished in burnt black to a classic set in elegant antiqued copper handles, you’ll want these eye-pleasing cheese accessories next to the cheese platter.

Tools for the Bartender: 
We carry a selection of stainless steel bar sets with corkscrews, jiggers and strainers as well as handmade bottle openers to help make the evening a success. Clean, contemporary stainless steel designs with distinct, easy-to-grip handles make these bar tool sets a worthy gift for your favorite barkeep. For the barkeep who has everything, our stainless steel cocktail picks are ideal for spearing cherries, lemons, limes or olives. Cocktail picks come in an etched stainless steel holder – a handsome bar top accessory.

Moscow Mule Rules: 
A Moscow Mule is a sensational drink made with vodka, ginger ale and lime. Serve it on ice, in a chilled copper mug. Some say serving it in a copper mug improves the flavors of all the ingredients, so we made sure to craft mugs from 100% pure, hand-hammered heavy-gauge copper.

Forged to last a lifetime, our heirloom-quality housewares stand out from machine made alternatives. Browse our selection to find stainless steel flatware and decorative serving sets to complement your table.