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Planning on having friends over for coffee and cake? Show them your distinctive style with our coffee spoons & tea spoons. Like all of our stainless steel flatware, each spoon is hand forged and polished by skilled artisans. The high polish finish on our coffee spoons and dessert table spoons makes a lovely presentation when guests drop by. 

Birthday parties and other special occasions call for cake and ice cream so you’ll want to have enough dessert spoons for all of your guests. Our heart dessert table spoons make any occasion special and if you’re looking for a gift for a friend who loves to make barista-style coffee at home, we have demitasse spoons for all your coffee and tea creations.  

Sugar Coffee Spoons

Sugar coffee spoons are similar to teaspoons but they have a deeper bowl and round shape. Designed for scooping and dropping granulated sugar into a coffee or tea cup, the shape of this coffee spoon allows for good amounts of sugar. Our sugar coffee spoons come in sets of four and make a great addition to your existing flatware or a housewarming gift for a friend who takes sugar in their tea or coffee.

Because of their distinctive round bowls, these coffee spoons are great for scooping up mini marshmallows for hot cocoa or adding berries to ice cream sundaes.

Dessert Table Spoons

If you’re wondering about the size of a dessert table spoon, it is about the same size as a soup spoon but with an oval-shaped bowl. It typically holds twice the amount that a teaspoon would. The large size is useful when eating desserts with multiple layers so you can get a taste of every layer in one bite.

Should you put the dessert spoons out when you set the table? Most hosts will tell you to wait and bring them out when it’s time to serve dessert. That way, you won’t embarrass a guest who may not know its use and accidentally use it before dessert!

Demitasse Spoons

Traditionally used with coffee cups, demitasse spoons are small spoons that usually measure between 3-4 ½ inches long. Also called espresso spoons or mocha spoons, these coffee spoons have a small, narrow oval bowl.

Used to stir coffee or tea, demitasse spoons are great for taking a small sample of the soup or sauce you’ve got cooking on the stove! The small bowl is also great for drizzling your favorite garlic cream sauce over the asparagus or dripping caramel over vanilla ice cream.

Our demitasse spoons make a lovely gift for the coffee aficionado. They complement our flatware designs and come in a set of four.  

Heart Dessert/Coffee Spoons

What would a visit to our coffee & tea spoon selection be without a look at our eye-pleasing heart dessert/coffee spoons? These beautiful spoons feature a heart-shaped bowl, perfect for stirring Dalgona coffee or cappuccino. What better way to show your friends how much you care than serving them coffee, tea, and dessert with these handcrafted heart coffee spoons?

Whether shopping for yourself or looking for a special housewarming or wedding gift, our handcrafted coffee spoon & tea spoon selection has something for every taste.