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Hammered 4 Bowls Stand
Hammered 4 Bowls Stand

About our Dessert Stands

You created a gorgeous birthday cake for the celebration. Will your guests be “wowed” by it? Give your cakes, cupcakes, and pies a place of honor at the next family gathering with an eye-pleasing mango wood cake stand.

Made from natural mango wood, each of our dessert stands looks unique, showcasing the beautiful wood grains of sustainably harvested mango wood. Each wood cake stand is a sight to behold and makes a lovely centerpiece for special occasions.

What are some of the benefits of placing desserts on a wooden cake stand? Here are just a few:

  • You can pick up and move your cake wherever needed without worrying about messing up the icing.
  • Placing the cake up on a pedestal stand instantly decorates your party or event.
  • Placing desserts on the table can take up a lot of room. Dessert stands let you keep delicious sweets off the table so you can use that space for serving plates and other things.
  • Your guests will be impressed!

What to do with your mango wood dessert stand when the party is over

Our handmade mango wood cake stands are ideal for displaying and serving your favorite dessert creations, but these beauties are also brilliant as home décor. Decorative risers are a popular way to add height to a bookshelf or tabletop vignette. And your dessert stand is a ready-made decorative riser!
Here are some ways to use your wooden cake stand to elevate your home’s décor long after the party is over:

  • Raise your herb garden. If you love keeping fresh basil, dill herb, and other culinary herbs in your kitchen, keep them in decorative pots and put them on display.
  • Spruce up boring utilitarian spaces. Is the area around your kitchen sink bland? Top your wooden cake stand with soap, scrub brushes, a candle, or even a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten up the area.
  • A decorative centerpiece. The circular top of our mango wood cake stands is perfect for corralling both practical and pretty items, like salt and pepper sets, potted plants and vases, candles, and much more.
  • Dress up your coffee bar. Putting your favorite mugs, sugar bowls, and spoons up on a pedestal will make the area look tidy and inviting.
  • Make a stand with your best jewelry. Whether as a drop-off space for your watch and rings or as a place to prop up a necklace tree, the dessert stand makes a decorative topper for a dresser or makeup table.

Styled in your bookcase or displaying a deliciously baked cake, our handmade mango wood cake stands will elevate your home décor in so many ways. Order yours today!