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Copper Ridge Salad Serving 2 Pc. Set
Sundance Salad Serving 2 Pc. Set
Ridge Salad Serving 2 Pc. Set
Jason Salad Serving 2 Pc. Set
Celia Salad Serving 2 Pc. Set
Celia Hostess 4 Pc. Set
Celia Hostess 4 Pc. Set
Jason Hostess Serving 4 Pc. Set
Tedpole Meat Carving 2 Pc. Set
Bois Set of 3 Wood Bark Nut Bowls

About our Serving Pieces

Guests coming for dinner? Put your best table setting forward with our handcrafted flatware and matching stainless steel serving pieces.

Whether you’re serving a buffet-style brunch on Sunday or having friends over for a sit-down dinner, most meals will include appetizers, a salad, side dishes, the main course, condiments, and dessert. And since all those foods need to get onto people’s plates, serving pieces are an essential part of every dinner.

Pair our best flatware designs with matching serving utensils or curate your stylish table with mix-and-match serving pieces. Either way, you’ll delight in creating a table setting that your family and guests will admire. 

Stainless steel serving pieces

Stainless steel lasts a long time and is infinitely recyclable. It can virtually be recycled over and over again without losing its original quality. Like our handcrafted flatware or stainless steel serving pieces are both stylish and durable.

When you buy handmade stainless steel serving pieces you can feel really good about your purchase. You are buying a handmade product made from recycled and reusable materials. What’s more, your purchase will go a long way towards sustaining our hardworking artisan communities in Northern India.

Salad serving pieces

People are choosing to eat healthy meals and what could be healthier than a delicious salad? Like most salad serving pieces, our sets consist of a large spoon and fork. Sometimes called “sporks”, salad serving forks are round with a spoon-like shape and curved prongs. This unique shape is perfect for grabbing sliced fruits, vegetables, and salad greens. Together these serving pieces work to scoop and serve a wide assortment of salads.

Made from solid stainless steel in styles to match our popular flatware, our salad serving pieces are easy to use, with high-polished utensils and eye-pleasing contrasting handles.  

Designed to coordinate with many types of salad bowls, our serving pieces pair well with wooden bowls like our Tondra Acacia Wood Bowls or use them with our stainless steel bowls. Whatever salad bowl you choose, you’ll have a salad set that adds to the style of your table.

Hostess Serving Sets

If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to remember what pieces are in a Hostess set, just consider the word Hostess. It starts with an H and everything in a hostess serving set “holds” something.

Our hostess serving sets come with a three-pronged fork, slotted spoon, serving spoon, and sauce or soup ladle.

The three-pronged fork is perfect for spearing and lifting food from a platter such as lamb chops and other meats. It also comes in handy at the brunch table for spearing waffles or French toast.  

When serving vegetables or meat au jus, a slotted spoon lets the juice or broth drain through before placing the food on your plate.

Serving spoons don’t just look great on the table, they are very functional. Used for everything from scooping up mashed potatoes or rice, serving spoons are an important utensil in your hostess serving set.

And what would a serving set be without a sauce ladle? Our ladles have a large rounded spoon that comes in handy for drizzling sauces or serving gravies, stews, and soups.

When hosting a dinner for family or friends, every dish or platter on the table will need a serving piece. Find a hostess serving set to match your flatware or create a unique look. And don’t forget these sets make excellent gifts for bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, and any special occasions.

Pasta Serving Sets

Does your family enjoy spaghetti night? Whether you prefer your noodles spaghettini-thin or like to add to or substitute your pasta with zucchini noodles, our pasta serving sets will make spaghetti night a breeze.

Each set includes a pasta server with “fingers” for grabbing onto pasta and serving tongs for plating cooked spaghetti. (The tongs are also perfect for serving tossed salads.)

As with all our silverware, each handcrafted stainless steel set arrives in an individually sectioned soft eco-friendly cotton cloth, perfect for gift giving.

Meat Carving Sets

Our meat carving sets are a great addition to your table. Whether carving the Thanksgiving turkey or serving delicious roasted meats to family and friends, these sets make the task much easier. Each meat carving set includes a carving fork with two tines and a carving knife has a rounded tip and a sharp cutting edge.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a quality gift, our stainless steel serving sets are the perfect finishing touch to your dining table.


Serving pieces are specialized utensils designed for serving food and beverages during meals or events.

Inox Artisans offers a variety of serving pieces, including serving spoons, forks, ladles, cake servers, salad servers, and cheese knives.

Yes, most serving pieces from Inox Artisans are dishwasher safe, making cleanup convenient and hassle-free.

Absolutely! Our serving pieces are crafted with elegance and durability, perfect for formal dinners, weddings, and special events.

Yes, Inox Artisans offers a warranty on all serving pieces, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

Yes, our serving pieces are primarily made from high-quality stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion.

Serving spoons and forks come in various sizes to accommodate different serving needs, from small appetizers to main courses.

Yes, most of our serving pieces feature a polished finish, adding sophistication to your table settings.

Inox Artisans offers the flexibility to purchase serving pieces individually or in convenient sets, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.