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Salero Marble Salt Cellar with Lid
Salero Marble Salt Cellar with Lid
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Bella White Marble Mortar Pestle Set
Primrose Green Marble Mortar & Pestle
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Jason Measuring Spoons Set
Celia Copper Measuring Spoons Set
Cassia Marble Mortar and Pestle
Avalon Marble Cutting Board Party Tray
Vivace White Marble Wood Rolling Pin
Dolce Black Marble Wood Rolling Pin

About our Kitchen Tools

Do you or someone in your family love to bake? Whether you prefer cooking or crafting delicious pastries and pies, we have kitchen tools and baking essentials to get the job done right.

Marble kitchen tools

If you’ve never considered marble kitchen tools as baking essentials, here’s why having a marble rolling pin in your pastry-making collection is a must:

  • Marble rolling pins are aesthetically pleasing. Made from Agra marble, our rolling pins come in white marble and black marble. A chic addition to your kitchen!
  • When making pastry you don’t want the dough to heat up. This causes the butter to start melting and your pastry dough becomes hard to roll and your pastry will not be flaky. Marble keeps its cool during the rolling process.
  • Marble tends to be a bit heavier, so you’ll save on arm pressure. One can use a marble tray along in the process.

Tip: Before rolling dough, place your marble rolling pin in the refrigerator so it can chill. Just remember that marble is a great thermal conductor; if you put your hands on it, it will also warm up so keep your hands on the wood handles.

Our white marble rolling pins are easy to clean. Use your dough scraper to scrape away any dough or flour from the marble and then wipe the rolling pin with a clean, damp cloth. Don’t let it sit in water or use the dishwasher! 

Marble Salt Cellars

Why not up your culinary game with a white marble salt cellar? After all, you’re a busy cook with no time to leave the stove to look for the right seasoning. Keeping a salt cellar near the stove allows busy cooks easy access to that perfect pinch of salt. 

Marble is an excellent choice for a salt cellar since it is non-porous, so it keeps your seasoning odor free. Marble salt cellars keep moisture out so the salt won’t clump. These kitchen tools also come with a lid to protect your salt from any splashes or spills.

Have you ever watched a chef add salt to a dish? They tend to sprinkle the salt from high up. The reason for this is to provide a more uniformly seasoned dish. So next time you grab a pinch of salt from your salt cellar, add some height to the process for even distribution. 

When it comes to cooking and baking essentials, marble salt cellars are the ideal container for salt. They can also store spices, pepper, and sugar near your workspace or on the table.

Along with stocking up your kitchen, our white marble salt cellar, black and white marble rolling pins, wooden service tray and other kitchen tools make thoughtful gifts for any occasion. 


Yes, we provide a warranty on our kitchen tools to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our kitchen tools are known for their elegant designs, high-quality materials, and precision craftsmanship.

Yes, our kitchen tools are designed with ergonomics in mind for a comfortable and secure grip.

We recommend hand washing with mild soap and water to preserve the shine and quality of your kitchen tools.

You can explore our website or contact our customer support for detailed insights into our design philosophy and inspirations.