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About our Serving Platters

Serve up delicious foods and hit major style points with our handcrafted wood and marble serving platters. Our boards come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, from apple-shaped mango wood cheese boards to marble paddle boards.

Whether serving appetizers for two or serving a large group of friends, we have serving platters to suit any occasion.

How to Entertain at Home- What’s trending?

These days, people are opting to entertain at home. If the idea of a dinner party sends shivers down your spine, start simple. An evening with friends can be as simple as ordering in and playing board games. You can always serve up some homemade dessert. Remember, entertaining at home is all about making the experience enjoyable, not following a set of rules.

Grazing tables are as popular as ever and can provide a wide range of choices, such as a large pot of chili at the center with side dishes and bread around it. Other items you’ll find on a grazing table are cheese boards topped with assorted cheeses and wood and marble serving platters with nuts, dried fruit, and cured meats. 

There are brunch grazing tables, barbeque, and sushi grazing tables. Pick foods that include everyone’s favorites and the evening will be a success.

Another trend is the appetizer-only dinner party. It’s an inexpensive, low-stress alternative to a sit-down dinner and much more fun to host. You’ll need several serving platters but just how many different appetizers should you serve?

Here’s a quick guideline to how many appetizers you should offer: 

  • 10 -12 guests - 5 different appetizers
  • 25 guests - 9 appetizer choices
  • 50 guests - 13 assorted appetizers

Butter boards are another trend, perfect for brunch and lunch menus. To make a butter board use a wood and marble serving platter and spread softened butter over the top. Next sprinkle on toppings like fruit, honey, edible flowers, bacon bits, nuts, or herbs. You and your guests scoop up the butter and toppings with crackers and bread.

For those looking for a healthier alternative, use your cheese boards to spread on a layer of hummus, whipped ricotta cheese, or creamy avocado. Serve these healthier choices on a marble paddle board or wood serving platter, with vegetables, pita chips, and baguette slices for scooping. 

Which foods and serving styles will you choose when you entertain at home? INOX Artisans has wood and marble serving platters, marble paddle boards, and cheese boards that will suit your entertaining style.