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About our Serving Trays

Wooden Service Tray Décor

Wooden trays with handle accents can add texture and color to any space. Consider a beautiful decorative tray as the base for stacking and displaying interesting objects on a coffee table. On a kitchen counter, a tray can hold a collection of small vintage cutting boards, a stack of everyday plates, or even some linen and flatware. A large kitchen island topped with a tray becomes a place to display a stack of cookbooks, a potted plant, or a glass jar filled with freshly baked cookies. Kitchen trays can have a purpose while looking pretty. A small wooden tray placed at the center of the breakfast nook can corral everyday items like salt and pepper grinders, napkins, and a large jar candle.

If you’ve always wanted a coffee bar but are short on space, a handsome wooden service tray filled with a few mugs, a sugar and creamer set, and your favorite coffee beans will look great on a table or counter. Serving trays are both decorative and useful throughout the home and our selection includes beautiful marble serving platters and trays with handles. For those who prefer a wooden service tray, we have an assortment of mango wood and acacia wooden trays to suit contemporary spaces, and for those looking for modern rustic décor, the Jax is a rustic wood tray with rope handles.