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About our Flatware

Every season, new dinnerware designs get a lot of attention. But, when it comes to enjoying meals with your loved ones and friends, flatware is a necessity! In the past, choosing the best flatware brands was all about opting for functionality over style. Today’s table settings aren’t complete without unique flatware and our artisanal flatware adds a special touch to your table.

Each handmade piece goes through a rigorous quality inspection before arriving in our warehouse. Our unique flatware includes 5-piece and 20-piece place settings and our artisanal flatware has matching serving pieces, coffee spoons, and more.

Best flatware sets

We use 18/8 stainless steel to create our handmade stainless steel artisanal flatware. What do those numbers mean? They represent a steel alloy that contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Like with other types of steel, nickel improves the corrosion resistance of the steel.

We use this alloy because it is well-curated for forging and stamping. It also has excellent heat resistance and can resist oxidation in temperatures that range from 870 degrees to 925 degrees Celsius.

Our stainless steel flatware settings are dishwasher safe but we do suggest that customers avoid lemon-scented or harsh detergents as they can cause corrosion. Hand washing and thorough drying will ensure that your best flatware sets retain their beauty for years to come.

Mirror polished utensils

Our high-polished utensils are a part of our signature artisanal flatware designs. Every unique flatware utensil is hand-polished and buffed to a brilliant shine.

Copper flatware settings

Like the best flatware brands, many of our unique flatware designs have eye-pleasing copper handles. These electroplated finishes bring warmth to a table setting and add character to our artisanal flatware designs. Some of our customer-favorite handmade copper flatware sets include Celia and Ridge.

Twisted Urban flatware showcases one of our most artistic handles that resembles a twisted ribbon, with hammered details that captivate in copper.

Finally, a look at our copper flatware settings just wouldn’t be complete without pointing out our flagship Sundance flatware. 

Unique flatware in burnt black

At INOX Artisans, all of our artisanal flatware is handmade with love. So, while we keep a keen watch on the best flatware brands and flatware design trends, we especially love styles with lasting appeal.

We believe one of these lasting trends is black flatware. Along with ever-popular copper flatware, many of our top-selling styles now feature black handles.

Twig flatware settings in black add a distinctive look that is equally captivating alongside modern all-white dinnerware as well as earthy stoneware table settings.

If you love a table all dressed in black, you’ll find unique flatware with matching serving pieces, coffee spoons & tea spoons.

Nascent steel flatware

Crafted from skilled craftspeople, our nascent steel artisanal flatware has a unique quality that is equally at home with contemporary dinnerware and rustic modern table settings.

This forged flatware lends a raw organic style to each piece. Natural pitting occurs during the forging process, giving these flatware settings a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Our Jason flatware remains a popular choice with our customers because of its sleek square handles and organic feel. The contrast of nascent steel handles with the brilliant polished shine of the utensils is always a conversation starter with dinner guests.

Vintage gold flatware

Like jewelry for your table, our vintage gold flatware settings enhance everyday dining and bring a luxurious vibe to a dinner party or holiday table.

Camellia in vintage gold and Medicki artisanal flatware are popular choices and the perfect finishing touch to any table setting.

Add rustic charm to your table  

Artisan-crafted rustic flatware sets with subtle imperfections add a touch of charm and character to your table. Our rustic silverware collection features both modern and vintage-inspired designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dining table. Made of top-quality stainless steel, these handmade pieces showcase exceptional craftsmanship with a balance and hand feel that make them perfect for everyday use, from weekday dinners to weekend brunches.

If you like the look of handcrafted rustic flatware pieces, then you'll love the hammered handles that add texture and organic appeal to modern rustic, industrial, and farmhouse table settings.

Time-honored artisanal craftsmanship

Skilled artisans using traditional metalworking techniques craft our artisanal flatware pieces. Each piece boasts unique handles and appealing contours, making it suitable for both casual and formal dining settings. The stainless steel flatware sets come packaged in custom cloth wraps, adding to their authentic artisanal nature. With classic and contemporary styles that always look fresh, the table is set.

Shopping for unique housewarming gifts or wedding gifts? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best flatware sets to complete your table. Either way, our unique flatware is stylish and affordable.