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About our Flatware Sets

Looking for an effortless way to create an inviting table? Dress it up with one of our unique hand-forged flatware sets. Each flatware set includes a salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, soup spoon and a teaspoon. You can order individual 5-piece sets (serves one) or a 20-piece set, which serves four. Every set comes wrapped in a cotton cloth holder with individual pockets for each piece. This protects your silverware and makes for a lovely presentation when gifting our handmade artisan flatware.

Forged in India by skilled metalworkers using sustainably sourced stainless steel, each unique hand-forged flatware set brings a distinctive look to your table. Many of our flatware sets have a timeless, harmonious transitional style that works well with traditional, contemporary and modern dinnerware.

Each of our unique hand-forged flatware sets starts with our signature mirror-polished utensils. With over a dozen designs to choose from in many finishes, you’ll find a look to complement any décor style.

OOAK flatware designs

Our talented artisans love creating new and unique flatware designs and our one-of-a-kind (OOAK) flatware designs are unlike anything you might find in big box stores.

The Twisted Urban Flatware is an artistic design with a twisted tale to tell. Resembling ribbon, the shapely handles twist dramatically at the neck, widen towards the middle and taper at the ends. The gently hammered handle completes the story with a decorative “foot” at the base. Unique and artistic, the Twisted Urban flatware design brings a modern look that will infuse a little character into your table setting.  

When it comes to artistic design, our Twig Flatware makes an impression. The twig-like handles lift slightly off the table and touch again at the base, lending an organic look. The knife has a gently curved handle and each piece is finished with dramatic diagonal ends, like a cut branch. For those who love nature, this one-of-a-kind flatware design packs your table setting with organic charm.

One of our most popular OOAK flatware designs is our Celia flatware. It features uniquely faceted round handles with wider, flattened ends. The look is both modern and rustic and harmonizes with a wide range of tabletop styles, from farmhouse to bohemian.  

Hammered flatware sets

Hammered flatware sets bring a unique texture to your artisan table. From small subtle dimples on the handles to deep depressions, our distinctive hammered flatware sets combine rustic charm with refined luxury and add personality to day-to-day dining or special occasions.   

Our Cosage flatware is a true example of how charming hammered flatware sets can be. The flat hammered teardrop-shaped handles provide texture to your table settings and are comfortable to hold. A perfect blend of rustic style with metropolitan charm, this flatware set is perfect for sit-down dinners with your family or having friends over for Sunday brunch.    

For a look that embraces artisan charm, our Broacade flatware features unique slightly tapered rectangular handles with hammered half-circle depressions. This quality flatware brings an artistic aesthetic to your modern table.  

One of the most charming aspects of hammered flatware sets is the textured, organic look they bring to the table. Our Ridge flatware is a prime example of how this style can bring effortless elegance to your dining table.

With quality craftsmanship throughout, our artisan hammered silverware designs are thoughtful housewarming gifts and unique wedding gifts for friends and loved ones.

Handmade artisan flatware

More of us are embracing the made-by-hand look as we celebrate all things “perfectly imperfect”. For instant impact, nothing brings your dining room table to life more fully than handmade artisan flatware.

We often compare factory-made flatware to store-bought frozen desserts. They lack the “story” and loving attention to detail that mom’s homemade apple pies bring to the table.

What’s more, each of our handmade artisan flatware pieces is hand inspected for quality. Many customers comment on the quality of our flatware, telling us that they can feel the difference in quality from their store-bought sets.

Sundance, our flagship flatware is the perfect example of quality craftsmanship in an artisan-crafted design. It features organic textured handles that widen slightly towards the base. Laidback and elegant, Sundance has a timeless look that transcends modern and traditional styles.  

Our Jason flatware has sleek squared handles that contrast beautifully with polished utensils. While this design taps into urban industrial style trends, it easily lends an organic look to a modern rustic table.  

The beveled edges of our Plateau design give this flatware its distinctive artisan aesthetic. Available in antique copper or vintage gold, the handles bring a warm glow to contemporary and classic table settings.   

When you shop our selection of unique hand-forged flatware sets, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the distinctive look and heirloom-quality of each handmade artisan flatware set.


Inox Artisans flatware sets are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Yes, all our flatware sets are designed to be dishwasher-safe, making cleanup hassle-free.

Yes, each flatware set from Inox Artisans is backed by a warranty to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Yes, our flatware sets feature ergonomically designed handles that are not only stylish but also comfortable to grip.

Yes, Inox Artisans offers flatware sets in a variety of finishes, including polished, matte, and brushed, allowing you to choose the perfect style for your table.

Definitely! Our flatware sets are meticulously crafted to exude elegance, making them ideal for both casual meals and formal gatherings.

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your flatware set, we recommend handwashing with mild detergent and avoiding abrasive cleaners.

Yes, we offer international shipping to ensure customers worldwide can enjoy the quality and craftsmanship of Inox Artisans flatware sets.