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Salero Marble Salt Cellar with Lid
Katni Wood & Marble Paddle Board
Primrose Green Marble Mortar & Pestle
Bois Set of 3 Wood Bark Nut Bowls
Vivace White Marble Wood Rolling Pin
Dolce Black Marble Wood Rolling Pin
Cassia Marble Mortar and Pestle
Piera White And Gray Board
Clara Rose Marble Serving Paddle
Avalon Marble Cutting Board Party Tray


Preparing and cooking delicious foods for your family or friends requires a few essential kitchen tools. Our selection of cutting boards includes both mango wood and acacia wood cutting boards, perfect for chopping, dicing, or even serving your favorite foods.
Enthusiastic chefs will love our selection of marble kitchen essentials. A salt cellar in the kitchen or on the kitchen table lets everyone season their food just right. Our mortar & pestle sets are the perfect gift for someone who loves to create flavorful dishes. For those who love to bake, we offer the best marble rolling pins, in a choice of black or white.

Wood cutting boards

Cutting boards are at the top of the list when it comes to essential kitchen tools. Our selection includes acacia wood cutting boards and mango wood cutting boards. Acacia wood is a hardwood that is gentle on knives, resists water, and lasts a long time. We use sustainably sourced wood to create our wooden cutting boards.

Did you know that hardwood has antimicrobial compounds that naturally kill bacteria? So, a natural acacia wood cutting board is not only beautiful but a healthy choice for you and your family. 

Mango wood is also a good sustainable wood choice. Planted for the delicious fruit, once mango trees age and no longer produce a good harvest, the densely-grained wood can then become lumber for furniture, flooring, wall paneling, and more. Strong and durable, mango wood has unique light-to-dark hues in the grain which makes it an eye-pleasing choice for cutting boards and other kitchen essentials. 

Wood Dinner Plates

People love the look of wood in the kitchen and at the dining table. One of the original materials for dinnerware before porcelain became popular, many people have the mistaken belief that wood dinner plates, wood utensils, and kitchen essentials are not safe to use with food or drink.

Carved from 100% acacia wood, our Tressa Acacia Wood Square Plates (Set of 3) are water resistant and have antibacterial properties. Perfect for preparing and serving food, these wood dinner plates are easy to care for. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth and if you need to wash the wood plate, be sure not to soak them in water. Wash them with warm, soapy water, rinse well and dry them thoroughly.  

Occasionally, use a clean cloth to rub in food-safe oils to keep your acacia wood plates looking beautiful. Food-safe oils include linseed (flax), coconut, and walnut. 

Individual Serving Platters

The graze craze is going strong, with grazing tables showing up at summer weddings, company staff Christmas parties, and small get-togethers at home. It was only a matter of time before individual serving platters had their day in the limelight.

Most grazing tables have an assortment of bread baskets, cheeseboards, and charcuterie serving platters with bowls heaped with pickles, olives, and sauces. Why not treat yourself to a mini grazing platter?

Our Bounty cheese board & serving platter includes 3 ceramic bowls for sauces, cut-up veggies, and pickles. It’s perfect for serving a sushi lunch for two with bowls for dipping and finishing sauces. Or serve up a deli-style sandwich, Panini, or wrap with nuts, olives, and a small coleslaw or salad. Love potatoes in the jacket? Individual serving platters are just the thing for prepping your potato with heaps of sour cream, chives, and bacon bits.

Kitchen Tools

From infomercials showing the latest kitchen gadget to chefs on cooking shows recommending their brand of must-haves, many consider their products to be essential kitchen tools. Every home chef has an idea of what an essential kitchen tool might be and there are hundreds of kitchen tools to choose from!

When it comes to outfitting your kitchen with useful kitchen tools we want to offer products that will not only make the cook’s life easier but quality items that will last for years to come.

Our selection includes marble kitchen tools that every cook will want in their arsenal. For example, every serious chef will want a kitchen equipped with a “salt pig” or salt cellar. The term salt pig comes from the Scottish word for pot, which is pig, so the term essentially means salt pot.

What should a good salt cellar provide? It should be a haven for your salt! The purpose of a salt cellar is to keep moisture and dust out so your salt remains fresh and pure. Made from beautiful Agra marble, our Salero marble salt cellar with lid has a simple round shape and includes an easy-to-grasp lid.

For those who love to bake, our selection of kitchen essentials includes marble rolling pins. Marble is smooth, cool, and heavy, making it ideal for working with pie and pastry dough.

Mortar & Pestle Sets

While you can use a rolling pin to crush and grind ingredients, our mortar & pestle sets do it much better! Used in the field of medicine as far back as 1500 BC, a mortar and pestle set consists of a bowl and a heavy, blunt tool called a pestle. Together these essential kitchen tools grind up herbs and spices.  

Made from marble, our mortar & pestle sets come in two styles. One style has a mortar that is deep and narrow, which keeps wet ingredients from squirting out and the other has a shallower, wider bowl for cracking peppercorns and crushing spices.

Spice Racks & Storage

Every kitchen needs a place to store spices and herbs. Our spice rack is made of natural and durable mango wood and makes a handsome addition to a kitchen wall.

The Torin Mango Wood Spice Rack has 5 front shelves with ledges to hold a wide selection of seasoning and spice bottles. Hang it on the wall to save on cupboard space and keep your spices close at hand.

Ready to start outfitting your kitchen with essential kitchen tools? Our artisan-made product catalog is always growing, so come back and visit this section often for high-quality kitchen essentials, mango and acacia wood cutting boards, wood dinner plates, individual serving platters, and more!