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Why Every Home, Restaurant, and Bar Owner Must Have a Serving Tray?

Despite being used for serving multiple purposes, a serving tray seldom receives our attention. They are one of the most ignored serveware in almost every home. A beautiful serving tray fits nicely into any lifestyle and can serve a myriad of practical everyday uses.

From serving food and drinks to a work surface to a beautiful home decor, it can do a lot more. Thus, your serving tray shouldn’t just look beautiful but it must be strong, reliable, and durable for a long time. The reason being not everybody changes serving trays on a frequent basis.

In this blog, we are going to have a deep insight into the use of trays and why every house, restaurant, and bar owner must have them.

Most Common Places Where a Serving Tray is Used

Whether you are running a catering business, restaurant or bar, just like a marble cheese board, serving trays too hold extreme importance at every place, even at home. Let’s find some popular uses of these trays at some common places-

At Restaurants

Those who are working in the food industry will agree that these trays are used for something more than just serving. They are used to carry food and beverages from one place to another. Besides, they are used to serve specific sized portions of food to different tables. However, there are some restaurants that use the serving tray to serve food on. Indeed, serving trays play a pretty crucial role in the food industry.  Just like Cambridge flatware, Inox Artisans also provide flatware that is rich in quality and is durable for a long time.

At Bar

There could be some common uses of serving trays at bars and restaurants with a slight difference. In restaurants, food is the main item served to the customers while at bars trays are used to serve mainly the drinks- cocktails or mocktails or others. Most of the food at bars are served on the serving tray. In case you want to make your tray at your bar look more attractive, we recommend you to serve food with black flatware which may include black spoons, forks, and knives.

At Home

We all are aware of the use of serving trays at home. Mainly, trays serve the purpose of serving foods or snacks and beverages such as tea, coffee, etc. to the guests. For this purpose, your tray should be appealing enough to be able to start the conversation when you put down the tray on the coffee table. To your surprise, a serving tray can be used as a great coffee table tray decor. You can put some magazines, candles, etc. in it and enhance the beauty of your dining as well as a coffee table.

coffee table tray decor

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Serving Tray

When picking up a serving tray, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Let’s find out what they are-

  1. Firstly, you are required to make a choice of the color and size of the trays. They come in distinct sizes, you need to make choices based on your business needs.
  2. If you want a tray for carrying through walkways, they have to be small enough so that it can fit comfortably.
  3. Waiters with big trays will find it difficult to walk through doorways. Furthermore, the possibility of accidents and food spills will increase.
  4. The best way to determine a tray is to analyze the task that is going to be accomplished using it.
  5. Serving trays should be such that it renders a visual enhancement to the food served on the tray.
  6. Ensure that the tray you have picked up will create a beautiful presentation for each meal which is absolutely essential to woo the guests whether at home or outside.
  7. You must check for the sturdiness of the tray. It should provide an equal balance to every meal placed on it.
  8. One of the most essential aspects to ponder while buying a tray is that your tray shouldn’t only look good but needs to be practical and serve the purpose that it is actually meant for.
  9. If you are buying trays for serving drinks, then you should refer to a specific kind of serving trays.

In Conclusion

Serving trays are considered as one of the hardest working serveware in the household. Besides the basic chores, a serving tray serves a lot of purposes that not everybody is aware of. The most typical use of a tray includes serving foods and drinks and transporting the empty plates, glasses, and other flatware back to the kitchen. Hence, it’s an extremely crucial part of the food sector. So, it’s equally important to get a tray that is both beautiful and reliable at the same time.

In case you have decided or planning to get a serving tray to your home, browse the impeccable collections of trays at Inox Artisans. Our trays render an elegant and classy look and designed to serve various purposes than just serving food. We have several other items as well that will make your kitchen look beautiful such as amazing silverware sets, copper flatware, cheese knife sets, and more.

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Decorate Your Dining Table with Amazing Silverware Sets

Don’t you think your dining table needs some wonderful additions? We mean, you should place a few wonderful silverware sets over it that either carries a traditional or modern look. Our belief is that without flatware, the dinner table is incomplete. Flatware is one of the most essential elements that not only enhances the beauty of the table but only makes the meal interesting.

Keeping this into account, we, at Inox Artisans, create beautiful and sophisticated designs for silverware sets including cheese knife set that imparts style and grace to any table settings. In this blog, we are going to discuss some attributes of the silverware sets that you should check while purchasing. Further, we will introduce you to some amazing flatware offered by us.

Some Profound Tips to Choosing Perfect Silverware Sets

Picking flatware is surely an arduous task. Many who aren’t aware, generally, goes behind the look of these silverware pieces. However, the wisest way to choosing a perfect set of flatware would be to analyze the material it is made from and looking for all the essential physical properties of the utensil. Here, we have enlisted some intelligent tips that would be of extreme importance while selecting the set:

  • Check for the Nickel and Chromium Percentage

Most silverware is composed of steel, nickel, and chromium. However, many of us confuse that flatware is made of silver. It’s not completely true. They may or not have any silver content. So, while determining the flatware quality, you should have a look at the percentages of both nickel and chromium. While nickel provides luster to the item, the element chromium is meant to offer resistance to the corrosion. Sets of stainless steel flatware are labeled with different ratios- 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0. If you love shiny pieces, then you must go for the set that has a mark of 18/10. Also, this has the highest quality. However, if you love something in matte or dull, you may go for 18/0 composition.

  • Look for the Weight of the Flatware

While selecting a marble cheese board, we don’t need to consider the weight as marble is already a heavy element. But when it comes to silverware, many of us don’t realize but weight plays an important role in selecting flatware. Weight of the utensil offers a more substantial feel, allowing for strength, durability, and balance when you grab it. Besides, most of us seek heavy sets as they are easy to handle. Such people should opt for flatware that is hand-forged. However, those who want light weighted pieces; they should go for stamped flatware.

  • Decide Whether You Need It Forged or Stamped?

Primarily, there are two ways of transforming stainless steel into cutlery- stamping or forging. Stamped flatware is the one that is cut like a stamp out a piece of stainless steel. However, the forged flatware is constructed from a thick piece of stainless steel that is first heated and then cut to form utensils or crockery. As the process involves heating, forged items are always stronger than stamped ones. We don’t say always buy forged items, but you should go for it if you are looking for something strong and durable.

  • Versatility of the Product

Ultimately, you should purchase a silverware set that you can use in different dining situations. Suppose, you have bought something that can’t be washed in the dishwasher. Would you like to use it frequently? Obviously, No! So, purchase something that can be used again and again and can be washed in the dishwasher. Besides, you can put them on the serving tray or marble tray while serving foods to guests. It will enhance the beauty of the tray.

Flatware/Silverware Sets That You Can Utilize for Everyday Use

Here are some of our best and stylish flatware sets that you may rarely get to find in any other stores:

Full Polished Estique Design Flatware Set

Estique design of the flatware represents authenticity and sophistication of the utensil; hence, amplifying the ravishing creation of the silverware set. This makes it perfect for housewarming as well as wedding gifts. The set consisting of utensils is completely hand-forged that makes them stronger and durable for a long time.

Full Polished Knot Design Flatware Set

Such flatware sets are heavy in weight and look extremely elegant. The knot design is classic and evocative with easy curves and resonates dependability and commitment as long as you desire. The grumbling sonorous design of the spoons or forks or knives’ handles commands yours as well as your guest’s attention and makes them a perfect wedding or housewarming gift.

Vintaged Gold Urban Design Flatware Set

This luxe flatware set has a plating of gold-copper alloy known as Vintaged gold and glows with rosy warmth. The silverware set has a sophisticated finish and slender smooth handles that feel amazing while holding in the hand. Besides, it adds a special glow to every day or fine dining.

Apart from this, there are several other versatile flatware sets in the collection of Inox Artisans such as Copper Antique Hammered Urban Design, Copper Antique Celia Design, Copper Antique Ridge Design, Copper Antique Sundance Design, and more. Not only they look beautiful but they also serve their purpose well. This flatware can also be used as a coffee table tray decor as they have beautiful and elegant designs.

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Beer Bottle Opener- What Makes a Perfect Bottle Opener?

How does it feel while holding some chilled beer bottles in your hands and not having an opener or a table edge near you? It feels embarrassing and really sad. Correct? If it is so, then why not get a beer bottle opener that can slide easily into the pant pockets and can be carried everywhere you wish to. This is surely the perfect option.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what attributes of an opener makes it a good bottle opener. Also, what kind of designs you must choose to buy so that you never regret for beer getting wasted.

Features to Seek for a Perfect Beer Bottle Opener

What do you think makes a good beer bottle opener? The design? Not really! Designs are only to impress people or the guests visiting you. A good opener is the one that does its tasks in a very efficient manner and without taking much time.

Below, we have enlisted a few features of the bottle opener that you must look for while purchasing one for yourself and for gifting it to anybody you wish-

  • Easy to Use

Purchasing something that you can’t use because of its complex design isn’t recommended at all- especially when it’s about opening many bottles of ice-cold beer. People are unable to keep patience for one of the most loved drinks. Therefore, you should always go for something that is easy to use and don’t consume your time in wondering how to use that piece. Besides, the tool must fit in your hand. For such an item, we suggest you to check out the amazing collection of beer as well as wine bottle opener that fits easily in your hands and is easy to use.

  • Light Weight

The second most important factor to consider while purchasing the opener is that it must have a light weight. Why? It is so because a light weighted tool is easy to carry anywhere and you don’t have to make additional efforts to use it. Usually, people urge to buy something that has a unique design. In most of the cases, the products with beautiful designs are very heavy as they require more metals or materials in the making of that specific item. Hence, you must buy something that serves your primary purpose well.

  • Does Double Duty like a Corkscrew Opener

Some corkscrew openers are designed to perform double activities like opening both wine and beer bottles. Likewise, there are beer bottle openers that are made to serve more than one purpose. For example, at Inox Artisans, you will find one such opener that can be used to serve two different purposes- the first includes opening a metallic cap and the second one is to fasten nuts and bolts. If something helps you in performing more than one activity, then it’s worth purchasing.

Beer Bottle Opener Designs You Should Opt For

One can pretty easily conclude from the above discussion what designs we are actually talking about. However, those who can’t figure it out can have a look below and find out what we really referred to. Besides, the designs mentioned below are available at Inox Artisans at an amazing and affordable price range-

Spanner Design Hand Bottle- As we have just discussed above, buying something that serves an additional purpose is worth buying. Similarly, a spanner design hand bottle not only opens up the beer bottles but also helps in tightening or opening the rotary elements such as nuts and bolts.

Nascent Steel Jason Design Hand Bottle Opener- Such an item is perfect for a wedding or housewarming gift. The Jason design is rustic organic flatware which is formed by the artwork of pitting and forging. It is best suited for casual and fine dining.

Full Polished Knot Design Hand Bottle Opener- This might be something you would be looking for. The opener has a knot design which makes it pretty beautiful. The piece has an evocative and classic design with easy curves. It could be a perfect wedding for someone close.

Burnt Black Lilly Design Hand Bottle Opener- The Lilly design looks as elegant as the flower Lilly. Nowadays, it is the top-selling and trending barware design. Plus, because of its simple yet elegant design and its light-weight, this beer bottle opener is easy to carry and easy to use. 

Apart from those described above, there are several other beer bottle openers that you can pick up. Some of them include coconut wood handle beer bottle opener, copper antique CELIA design beer bottle opener, and more. For more details, you must check out our fantabulous collection of different barware.

Inox Artisans- A Perfect Destination for Easy to Use Barware

Until now, you would have figured out what makes a good beer bottle opener. Also, you are now familiar with what kind of designs you must go for. Now, the question arises- where will you find these? The answer is- at Inox Artisans.

Our collections of barware, flatware, serveware, etc. are a hundred percent handcrafted into sophisticated creations of functional art. These render a clean and contemporary look to your bar as well as the kitchen.

We can make your home bar and kitchen the talk of the town with our high-quality and beautiful barware, serveware, flatware, etc. offerings such as the Lilly, Knot, and Safari Designs.

In case you are seeking online wine bottle opener for a wedding gift, then browse our wonderful collection of corkscrew and beer bottle opener.

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Six Brilliant Ways to Use Marble Tray in Your Home

Marbles are a thing of beauty. They depict elegance in whatever form they are crafted in. If you are planning to add a marble tray in your home decor, you should definitely proceed on with the idea. In case you aren’t sure how to use them, then this blog is surely for you. Here, we will go deeper and find out some intelligent ways to employ marble tray in your home. 

6 Ways You Can Utilize Marble Tray in Your Home

Undoubtedly, trays are versatile home decors and they can be styled in various ways. Here, we have enlisted six smart ways to use marble trays in your home to keep things organized and attractive.

  • Drawing/Living Room

Marble trays in your drawing or living room would be a perfect way to style the table and keep things near your hand. But, how? You can use it as a coffee table tray decor and put the decorative items into it such as candles, coasters, magazines, small pots consisting of inside plants or flowers, and more. One of the best parts of styling your coffee table with the marble tray is that it keeps your table clean and makes it spacious. Furthermore, it adds decor and functionality to the drawing-room.

  • Dining Room

Like coffee table tray, marble trays can also be used in the dining room. Keep the tray in the center of the dining table and put the essentials such as salt and pepper shakers, glasses, napkins, candles, flowers, and other decorative items. These help you in adding elements to the table. Besides, when it comes to cleaning, you can easily move everything and can transport them between the eating areas and the kitchen.

  • Bedroom

Who would have guessed that marble trays can also be used in the bedroom? Whoever has, the idea is amazing. Marble trays in the bedroom could hold almost anything and everything. Generally, bedrooms of many people look unorganized due to items kept here and there. But if you have a marble tray in your sleeping space, not only it enhances the beauty of your room but also keeps things both organized and look good. You can put in your jewelry, lights, flowers, photos, perfumes, and similar elements.

  • Bathroom

Well, you don’t need to be so much surprised! Besides, using it as a serving tray, you can also utilize it better in your bathroom. Having a tray in the bathroom is a smart way to put all your soaps, moisturizers, cleansers, shaving creams, and other essentials organized in a single spot. This way, it helps in preventing things from getting cluttered on counters and makes it easy to get what you are exactly looking for in time.

  • Kitchen

Keeping a tray in the kitchen is a perfect way to put certain things organized and in one place. You can keep some commonly used ingredients such as salt, oils, turmeric, coriander, pepper, sauces, vinegar in one convenient spot- that is in the tray. Apart from these, you can place pots of indoor herbs in the tray so that they are always on hand and let you add flavor in the food while cooking.

  • Bar

You may or may not have a bar area in your home. But if you have it, then don’t forget to place a marble tray in there. A few bar elements such as decanters, water pitchers, wine glasses, martini shakers, and beautiful wine bottles that have a classic beauty shouldn’t be kept inside the cupboard. They are meant to flaunt. So, instead of putting them inside the cabinet or cupboard, display these bar tools and bottles in a serving tray. Doing this, you can make your place look more stylish and sophisticated.


In a nutshell, marble trays can be used more than a serving tray. It can be used in your home as a decorative piece that not only looks elegant but also keep other essentials organized in one place. Whether its bedroom, living room, kitchen, bar, dining room or bathroom, you can utilize the tray everywhere.

Therefore, if you are wondering where you can find the classic and elegant marble trays, then check out the fantabulous collections of trays at Inox Artisans. We offer various marble accessories such as cheese board, trays, wine bottle coolers, and more. These things are very hard to be kept in stock due to their inevitable demand. So, explore our collections and get your favorite item now!

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Cheese Knife Set- Essential Cheese Knives for Your Next Spread

Cheese Knife Set

Now the time has come when you should replace your old and dull butter knife that you have been using for cutting cheeses. They aren’t fit for your perfectly arranged cheese plate. If you are a cheese lover, then you may understand that cheese comes in several types and that cutting different cheese with a single knife isn’t justifiable. To get the finest cut, you must opt for a cheese knife set that consists of essential knives meant for a specific cheese style. When paired correctly, they will help you maximize the portions and flavors of your favorite cheese.

If you buy each knife separately, it may result in an unappealing mixed set and the dependability of each of them will vary as well. In this blog, we have described all those essential cheese knives that you must have as part of your flatware collection.

Must-Have Cheese Knives that Your Cheese Knife Set must Consist of

There is a variety of cheese and hence, knives are designed accordingly to serve different purposes. When you serve the cheese with a perfect knife on a marble cheese board, it amplifies the beauty of the eatable. A few most important knives that you must have are enlisted below:

Soft Cheese Knife

A soft cheese knife is an open work blade knife that consists of holes in the blade. Such a knife is designed to prevent soft cheeses from sticking on the blade due to its minimal surface area. Soft cheese knives have a sharp edge and are ideal for cutting soft and semi-soft cheeses such as fresh mozzarella, Brie, Camembert, etc.

Pronged Cheese Knife

The pronged cheese knife is also called as forked-tipped spear. It is a multipurpose device that lets you cut a piece of cheese and pick it up with the help of prongs for plating or serving. Typically, such knives have a narrow blade to offer a minimal surface area so that cheese doesn’t stick much on the blade. They have an upward-curled narrow blade, pronged end, and sharp edge. These are ideal for cutting soft to semi-hard cheeses such as Brie and Parmesan.

Cheese Spreader

A cheese spreader, as the name suggests, is designed to apply cheese spreads and cream, spreadable cheeses onto crackers and breads.  It is also known as a spatula knife and has a dull edge with a rounded blade. It is ideal for Crea, Cheese, Stracchino, and Robiola.

Parmesan Knife

A parmesan cheese knife features a sharp long edged, triangular stubby blade, and sharp-pointed tip to break off chunks of hard and dry cheeses. The sharp edge of the knife helps in cutting rinds open. These are ideal for cutting hard cheeses such as parmesan, Grana Padano, and Castelmagno.

Cheddar Cheese Knife

It is also known as cheddar cleaver, mini cleaver, or semi-hard cheese knife that is built to cut hard and semi-hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Colby, Gruyere, and Fontina. The cleaver shape and wide blade lets the cutter to utilize force and balance to push the knife down and cut slices. The handle placement protects your knuckles from getting hit on the board. Typically, the knife has an ergonomic handle and features a sharp long edge.

Flat Cheese Knife

It is used to cut slices off of aged cheeses by pressing the blade vertically over the cheese and pushing it downward. Then, you can use the sharp bottom edge to cut the pieces down even more. The knife features a wide flat paddle-like blade with a sharp end. It is used to cut semi-hard and semi-soft cheeses such as Swiss, Provolone, Asiago, and Gruyere.

Cheese Plane

A cheese plane is specially designed to achieve thinly sliced prices of cheese. For slicing, you need to pass the plane along the side or top of the cheeses. The slice will settle on the top of the plane’s spatula-like structure, making it easy to serve or plate. It is ideal for semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses such as Fontina, Havarti, and Muenster.

Cheese Fork

A cheese fork is essential on a cheese board to pick up cut pieces of cheese for serving or plating. Besides, you can utilize it for breaking up blocks of aged cheese into smaller chunks. Generally, a cheese fork consists of two pointed forks and it is ideal for semi-soft and hard cheeses such as Provolone, Cheddar, Feta, Parmesan, and Gouda.

Final Verdict

Apart from the above-described cheese tools, there are a few more that are used by cooks in hotels and restaurants. With a perfect cheese knife set, you can increase your efficiency of cutting a perfect slice of cheese and make it look more presentable.

Therefore, if you are wondering where you can find the perfect set that could fit in your other flatware collections, then check out our wonderful collections of cheese knives and other tools. Besides flatware, we also have a delightful collection of barware and serve ware such as Moscow mule copper mugs, and more.

Moscow mule copper mugs

Moscow Mule Copper Mug- Make Your Cocktails Taste Sensational

For a very long time, the question of whether one should serve cocktails in copper mugs has been a great debate. A few came to conclude that the copper mugs are a thumbs down while others said that they make the cocktail taste yummier and that they are not harmful. But how are people predicting and stating that Moscow mule copper mugs are toxic or not for cocktails or any acidic drinks to be served in?

Well, that’s what we are going to discuss here in this blog. Besides, we will learn why copper mugs are perfect choices for the drinks to be served in. So, without much ado, let’s find out the facts.

Moscow Mule Copper
Moscow Mule Copper

Are Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Safe for Cocktails?

Before we leap on to our answers, let us first discuss why people think it’s not safe. Moscow mule is a drink made from the perfect blend of ginger beer, freshly squeezed lime juice, and vodka. The drink is really strong and tastes awesome. But the only problem with the blend is that it is quite acidic in nature that is its pH level is below 6. Many studies have suggested that drinks with a pH level below 6 shouldn’t be served in a metallic dish like copper. It is so because when alcohol comes in contact with copper, it starts corroding. So, when people consume the drink, the dissolved copper also goes along with it which is poisonous. As a result, people avoid copper mugs and buy fancied ones from reputable brands like Mikasa Flatware, etc.

But the above-described justification isn’t completely true. The copper surely starts dissolving when it comes in contact with alcohol, but only when it is kept for a few hours, not instantly. So, the biggest myth that Moscow mule copper mugs aren’t safe for cocktails has busted. You can surely enjoy your drink in the copper mugs without getting any kind of nausea, vomit, diarrhea, etc. Inox provides a beautiful collection of these mugs that you must check out. Besides, we have a wide array of elegant marble cheese board to maintain your health at the chopping board.

Reasons Why You Should Serve Moscow Mules in Copper Mugs

We have brought you some interesting reasons why you should use Moscow mules copper mugs for serving drinks. Here you go-


Since copper is a superior thermal conductor, it responds to the temperature quickly of what’s kept inside it, whether warm or chilled. When a Moscow mule is kept in the copper mug, it creates a chilling sensation when sipped. These mugs are mainly desirable in summers when cool drinks melt or warm easily. To add a pinch of elegance, it will be nice if you keep these mugs on a marble tray.

Enhance the Taste of Vodka/Moscow Mule

It may sound somewhat subjective but yes, the taste varies based on the recipe you use. In fact, there are some clear indications that when ginger beer, lime, and vodka are put into copper mugs, the taste enhances. Even some experts claim that the taste of vodka enhances when it touches the copper wall because when it does so, the copper starts oxidizing, slightly boosting the aroma of the drink.

You may find several other mugs offered by one of the finest brands- Lenox Flatware, but copper mugs provided by Inox Artisans are unbeatable for serving this special cocktail.

The History of Moscow Mule

The combination of vodka and ginger beer started selling in Manhattan in 1941. Moscow mule was created by Jack Morgan and to give the drink a distinctive look, he ordered special copper Moscow mule mugs. John Martin along with Morgan began marketing the drink by visiting bars and taking their photos with a polaroid camera while drinking Moscow mule in copper mugs. Later, it gained popularity in American cocktail culture. Afterward, people started serving ginger beer and vodka in Moscow Mule Copper Mugs.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs- Busting the Myth

From the above discussion, it’s quite evident that these copper mugs for Moscow mules are not harmful. Obviously, drinks served are consumed between 10-15 minutes and not more than that. For copper to start corrosion, drinks needs to be kept in touch with copper for a few hours. It implies that people can, without any worry; enjoy their drink in Moscow mule copper mugs.

Hence, if you are convinced with the justification and wish to get one for yourself, then browse our wonderful collection of hand-forged copper mugs and get them at an affordable rate. We also offer coffee table tray decor and other flatware, silverware sets, etc.

Cambridge flatware

Seeking Cambridge Flatware? We Offer the Best & Affordable Alternative

When you surf results for Cambridge flatware, you get numerous options and still end up getting confused about what to buy. In this blog, we bring you the best alternative to the same and introduce you to amazing flatware that can pretty much compare with Cambridge flatware.

Shopping is not easy for all of us. In fact, sometimes it takes a lot of time to get a good selection back to your home. Because of the same reason, we end up our search for buying flatware from reputable brands like Lenox, Oneida, and Mikasa Flatware. Undoubtedly, to avoid head-scratching, these could be the perfect choices but these products require a decent investment.

So, when you can buy the same thing with better reliability and affordability, then why waste your money in purchasing expensive flatwares. One such reliable brand and alternative to these brands is INOX.  On our website, you get an outstanding collection of various flatware sets which enhances the beauty of your dinner table as well as makes your lunch and dinner enjoyable.

Factors to Ponder While Purchasing Flatware

Choosing a brilliant set of flatware that not only seems good but also complements when it’s in your hand is really daunting and personal. To make such a decision easy for you, we have enlisted a few tips that will help in finding the perfect flatware or silverware for your dining table.

Choose the Luster Level

While purchasing silverware or stainless steel flatware, you must know that there aren’t silver or pure steel. In fact, they are a combination of steel, nickel, chromium blended in varied proportions to give the metal a specific look. Steel flatware with more nickel contents will shine brighter than others. Therefore, while purchasing, opt for 18/10 for shiny flatware, 18/0 for matte and more muted experience, and 18/8 for shiny and better corrosion resistant. Apart from these, you can also choose a copper flatware set that looks amazing and showcases traditional beauty.

Weight of the Flatware

Weight should be one of the most important considerations while purchasing flatware sets. We suggest you keep your flatwares light-weight so that they don’t tip down the bowl or from the serving piece. However, if you love to keep a heavy knife or fork in your hand, you must go for hand-forged flatware. You may surely find many light and heavy-weight sets at Lenox flatware, but Inox has the best and most affordable hand-forged flatwares available in various beautiful designs.

Add Serving Pieces

Now that you have considered the weight and shine of the steel ware, you must give a thought to buying some serving pieces as well. Therefore, first, think about what foods you love to serve, and pick out the flatware you would need. Apart from large serving spoons, a pie server, soup ladle, etc., you may also choose to add cheese knives, salad servers, a cake knife, and gravy ladle.

Easy to Wash

Nowadays, we lack time; and hence, want every work to be automatic. The same goes for the washing of dishes. Most people prefer to wash dishes in the dishwasher but not every silverware and dish is meant to be washed in it. Therefore, while purchasing, you should also ensure whether your selection is easy to be washed in the dishwasher or needs to be hand-washed every time.

Inox Artisans – the Most Affordable Alternative to Cambridge Flatware

Probably, the Cambridge or Oneida Cambridge flatware would be the perfect choice for buying the most reliable silverware. However, as we said, they could be more expensive for what they offer. But at Inox Artisans, we offer the same astonishing flatwares at affordable prices. Not only they look beautiful in your hands but they also enhance the taste of food.

Therefore, if you are looking for something that complements your choice, then do explore the beautiful flatware sets offered by us. You will definitely fall in love with them!

wine bottle opener

Wine Bottle Opener: A Perfect Wedding Gift

If your best friends’ wedding is around the corner and you are still not sure what to gift, then a bottle of his/her favorite wine and a wine bottle opener would be the perfect choice. These bottle openers come in various distinct and beautiful designs. You can choose the one that looks classier and is easy to use. Wine is something liked by many and used in most of the occasions. So, the gift option will surely not fail to impress the bride and groom.

However, before buying any openers, you must have the knowledge of the types of corkscrew openers or wine bottle openers so that you can buy the best.

wine bottle opener

Types of Wine Bottle Opener You Can Choose From

There is a wide range of corkscrew openers available in the market. We have enlisted a few of them below:

1. Electric Corkscrews

Electric Corkscrew is one of the easiest ways to open a wine bottle. You have to simply press the push-button and it will open the bottle of wine in an instant. These bottle openers are ideal for people who suffer arthritis or little hand strength.

2. Wine Cork Extractors

Wine cork extractors use prongs to open the bottle of wine. The prongs slide down between the cork and wine bottle to take off the cork from the bottle. Such openers are mainly used for removing vintage corks made from natural rock. The best thing about the extractor is that it won’t send any cracks to vintage wine corks or let them break apart dropping crumbs into wine.

3. Waiter’s Corkscrews

These are also known as wine keys and are the standard instrument of choice for most establishments. They are considered the oldest type of wine bottle opener. Further, such corkscrews are an excellent combination of functionality, affordability and come in compact size. Most of the waiter’s corkscrews consist of foil cutter blades and bottle cap openers as well.

4. Pocket Corkscrews

These bottle openers are small in size and are easy to carry in pants or apron pockets. Many pocket corkscrews are designed with a sheet that protects the fabric or pockets from being poked by the opener’s worm. Further, this sheet creates a T-shaped crossbar that renders leverage for twisting to worm into the cork and remove it well. As compared to counter mount or electric corkscrews, this requires more strength.

Inox sells one of the best pocket corkscrews with their handles designed with coconut wood and copper materials.

5. Wing Corkscrews

Also known as winged corkscrews, these are a popular choice for removing synthetic corks because of their ease of use. Adding to their versatility, such screws can be used on corks of all sizes. However, they will leave cork crumbs behind if you use them for opening vintage wines or wines having natural and brittle corks.

6. Counter Mount Corkscrews

For sturdiness and support, you can attach these wine bottle openers to a counter or table. Such corks come with the advantage of opening bottles faster with less effort and faster than any other type of bottle opener. Hence, such a style of corkscrew is suitable for establishments with high-volume of wines.


In a nutshell, wine bottle openers come in varied ranges of designs and materials. As a wedding gift, you can pick either wine cork extractors or pocket corkscrews or wing corkscrews. These are small in size which makes them easy to carry as well are easy to use. However, if you wish, you can go for other options also.

Whether you are looking for a wine bottle opener or a beer bottle opener, Inox has a delightful collection available in different materials. We ensure that our customers fully enjoy the product they have bought and that it was worth. Hence, you must give it a try.

marble cheese board

Marble Cheese Board: Amazing Benefits and Features

If you’re a cheese lover and frequently host wine & cheese parties at your place, you’ll want to have a marble cheese board for the occasion. As the name suggests, these boards are mainly used for cutting cheese. However, apart from cutting cheese, these can also be utilized for chopping vegetables, fruits, and meats.

Although it has a non-porous harder surface and can make your knives blunt, it comes with a plethora of advantages that makes it appear attractive among many.

At Inox Artisans, we provide you with a variety of marble cheese cutting board that is unique and quite affordable. Hence, in this blog, we will take you through some significant benefits of the marble chopping board and the unique features they provide.

Benefits of Using Marble Cheese Board

Marble cutting boards come with an additional advantage of offering you hygiene while chopping cheese or vegetables or fruits. Apart from this, here’s what you need to know more about its benefits:

1.   Easy to Clean

One of the significant advantages of marble cheese board is that it’s easy to clean. Unlike wooden chopping/cutting boards, marble boards won’t warp when soaked in water for cleaning.

2.   Highly Durable

Since the board is made up of a hard material, it’s durability is better and lasts longer. However, wooden cutting boards don’t have a long-lasting life.

3.   Bacteria Resistant

Because of its non-porous and smoother surface, the board prevents juices from raw fish or meat or tomato, etc from getting stuck into the inner layers or on the top layer of the board. This way it prevents fatal microorganisms such as E. coli and Salmonella from getting into your food.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you bring these marble chopping boards in use.

What makes Marble Cheese Boards at Inox Stand Out from Others?

Inox products are designed keeping the sustainability and functionality of the items in mind so that you can relish the joy every time you use the product. Here are some impeccable features that make our cheese boards different from others:

  1. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Brown Forest, White, and Rainbow Sandstone designed platters & servers make every lunch spread and appetizer appear more delicious.
  2. Our collection of Stone is pretty simple and country elegance at its best.
  3. Mainly, these are considered the best for serving appetizers and slicing fruits.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. Food remains fully hygienic.
  6. It contains beautifully sculpted handles to let you move the board easily.
  7. Silicone feet on the board offer non-slip protection.
  8. It is perfect for carrying out small kitchen tasks and to prepare cocktail garnish.

Marble Cheese Boards- A Step Towards Hygiene

“Hygiene is two-third of Health.”

Obviously, when juices of raw vegetables or meat or fish won’t seep into the layers of the board, the chances of deadly microorganisms entering into your food won’t arise. Hence, it would be wiser to opt for marble boards for chopping and cutting.

To purchase cheese boards, visit Inox Artisans which provides a myriad of flatware and cheese accessories. Also, if you’re looking for a cheese knife set, you can get a variety of options for the same on our website.

Lenox flatware

Still Buying Lenox Flatware ? There are Other Options Too!

If you want to know where to find a Lenox flatware set online, a simple web search would suffice. This blog is more about helping you find other options to choose from and buying the best from those options.

Buying new flatware can get frustratingly difficult for some of us more than the others because there are simply too many patterns to consider which can be overwhelming. This leads people to turn to one or two reputable brands like Mikasa or Lenox flatware since they don’t want to search endlessly when all they need is an affordable yet high-quality set that lasts long.     

That said, there are some options that are certainly worth consideration due to their unique designs, reliable durability, and affordability. Inox’s flatware is one such alternative that offers brilliant, handmade sets that can enhance your dining experience at every meal, be it a festive occasion or a weekday dinner. 

Tips for Picking the Ideal Flatware

Whether you want to gift someone a wonderful set of flatware or are retiring old flatware and need a set to replace it, we have silverware sets that are suitable for all your requirements. But how do you pick one that’s perfect for you?

When exploring well-designed utensils, there are a few things to look for and understand in order to make a great choice:

  • For starters, know what you want the silverware sets for – do you want a simple yet modern set for daily use, a sophisticated set for special occasions, or a set that works well for both?
  • Most flatware sets these days can be washed in a dishwasher, but there are some that need to be hand-washed every time.
  • Despite being made from stainless steel, silverware sets tend to lose their luster over time. To avoid utensils that rust, opt for flatware made from 18/8 or 18/10 stainless steel.
  • 18/8 and 18/10 mean that the utensil contains 18 percent Chromium as well as 8 percent and 10 percent Nickel respectively. This ensures that the flatware is sturdy, lasts long, and will not rust.
  • Aside from looking great on the table, an important thing that you must take into consideration is how it feels in your hands. In other words, the silverware set must be well-balanced and fit perfectly, not just in your hands but also in the bowls.     

Inox’s Creations: More Affordable than Lenox Silverware

Of course, Lenox silverware is one of the most amazing choices out there when it comes to purchasing a new set. However, Inox Artisans also offers incredible alternatives that fit all the requirements, big or small.

You don’t have to take out word for it – purchasing a set first and using it for a while will really put things in perspective. See how it looks on the table, feel its weight and how it balances evenly in your hand. It won’t tip over whenever you set it in a dish but will perfectly get that last bit of sauce in the curve of the bowl. Most importantly, it will feel as good in your mouth as it will in your dishes.