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Katni Wood & Marble Paddle Board
Mesa Marble Wood Cutting Board
Monaco Crescent Side Table
Monaco Crescent Side Table
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Dolce Black Marble Wood Rolling Pin

About our Woodenware

Types of wood

Our artisans mainly use two types of wood to create our woodenware: acacia wood and mango wood. Read on to find out more about these woods and why they are the ideal material for our artisan products.

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is a valued material for outdoor furniture, cabinetry, wood flooring, and stair railings. This dense wood is highly resistant to dents and scratches, so it gets high marks for being a top performer in the kitchen. Tougher than walnut wood, acacia wood is becoming a popular choice for cutting boards. Matched with an eye-pleasing woodgrain, it brings a warm aesthetic to our artisan-crafted Lauren Acacia wooden service trays with iron handles and the Tressa square dinner plates set.

The Acacia tree grows at a fast rate of 6 to 8 feet per year. This fast growth and the fact that these trees can grow up to 20 to 40 feet tall in just 4 to 5 years, makes acacia wood an ideal choice for sustainable wood harvesting. (Oak trees will need to grow for 20 to 30 years before they are usable for lumber.)

Mango Wood

Mango wood is also a highly sustainable source since it is cultivated as a fruit tree. At about 15 years of age, a mango tree matures and will either produce less fruit or stop producing fruit completely.

Although considered a hardwood, mango wood is fairly easy to cut, shape, and carve. Some common uses for mango wood include wall paneling, furniture, and flooring. This lovely wood is also popular for kitchenware and you’ll discover many home décor pieces are hand-cut or carved from mango wood. From a set of hand-carved bowls to a handsome wooden serving platter to tabletop serving pieces like our Feast Tabletop Sauce Carousel, the possibilities are endless.

Unique woodenware

From wooden trays with handle accents to display in the living room and style with candles, books, and other decorative items to the Jax carved wood tray with rope handles for serving after-dinner beverages, our artisan-crafted woodenware is sure to add beauty to your home.

Wooden Dessert Stands

After spending time creating delicious desserts for your family and friends, why not give them a place of honor? A wooden cake stand is perfect for serving birthday cake to your guests at a birthday party. And once all the delicious cake is gone, these wooden dessert stands make stylish decorative risers. Decorative risers can display special pieces on a baker’s rack, or bookshelf or as stands for holiday centerpieces.

Wood Boards for Charcuterie

If you enjoy hosting friends and family at home, you’ll want to have a few wood boards for charcuterie. We offer a variety of charcuterie boards made with a combination of marble and wood, as well as small but stylish wooden boards that are perfect for serving lunch or snacks for two on the weekends.

The Logan mango wood serving board is a combination cutting board and serving board. Ideal for cutting up fruits and other foods, as it has carved-out grooves to stop juices from spilling onto your countertops. A carved-out niche on one side holds cheese knives or cutlery while a pair of white ceramic bowls serve dips, salsas, olives, picks, and more. This artisan-made mango wood board is both a useful and attractive addition to any home.

How to be good to your woodenware

Not only is woodenware useful and beautiful, but it can last for many years. From wooden spoons to wooden dessert stands to your favorite wooden serving platter, if your woodenware is looking tired, you might want to give it some loving attention with some food-safe wood oil or polish. Regular oiling will keep your wood items looking like new.

When it comes to the care of your woodenware, remember that any kind of wood (which was once a tree!) will absorb liquid which can damage it. So, don’t soak your wood items. Deal with stuck-on foods with a bristle brush, instead.

When it comes to washing woodenware, the dishwasher is the enemy! The water and high heat will cause wood to swell and dry, making even the best hardwoods crack and peel.  

Our woodenware collection includes an assortment of rustic wall racks and metal and wood wall shelves that are perfect for both home and office settings. We are continuously adding to our collection of artisan woodenware, so make sure to check back often Why not treat yourself to the traditional sense of warmth and charm that comes with adding handcrafted wooden items to your living space? We are continuously adding to our collection of artisan woodenware, so make sure to check back often.