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About our Copper

Copper flatware - charming and versatile

Copper is a timeless shade that radiates warmth and elegance, making it a popular choice in home decorating. Since copper complements other metals, especially stainless steel, our copper flatware will always add charm and energy to your table settings. Available in many styles, the INOX Artisans copper flatware collection is versatile enough to complement rustic and modern decor.

Artisan-made flatware is distinctive with a personal handcrafted touch and attention to detail that you won’t find with mass-produced silverware. Each hand-forged stainless steel piece features polished utensils with copper-finished handles. Our collection of copper flatware gets its warm copper shade from the electroplating process. This process is comparable to what they use in jewelry making. 

Those who love a rustic wood table, styled with textured linens and white dishware will be pleasantly surprised by the way our antique copper-finished flatware and matching serving pieces bring out the beauty of white tableware and wood. However, copper is such a versatile color that it pops with black linens and complements both light and dark-toned wood tables.

Copper silverware – a choice of modern and classic styles

Our selection of handcrafted copper silverware comes in many different styles. Modern and artistic, the Twisted Urban design features unique hammered handles that start with a twist at the top and end with a square “boot” at the base. The handles resemble a twisted ribbon and add a one-of-a-kind look to your table settings.

For something more classic, our Sundance copper silverware features slim, slightly tapered handles. As with all our stainless steel flatware, the implements are mirror-polished for a beautiful contrast to the textured antique copper handles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Copper Flatware:

Is copper-finished flatware easy to clean?

Yes, our flatware finishes are similar to the finishes applied to jewelry. Our copper silverware is dishwasher-safe, although we recommend using mild detergents. Avoid using detergents with lemon as they can cause corrosion. Hand-washing with a soft sponge or cloth will keep your silverware looking its best.

What color plates go best with copper flatware?

Copper is a versatile color that works with warm tones (red, gold, brown, and beige) and cool colors like navy blue, turquoise, or purple. So if you’re looking for a flatware set that will go with a wide assortment of colors, copper-handled flatware is the answer. Black and copper are a timeless color combination and invite a sense of luxury to your table setting.

Why do we think our handcrafted flatware with antique copper handles is a good choice for your home?

  • Copper flatware enhances the dining experience with soothing natural tones
  • It harmonizes beautifully with virtually any color palette
  • Versatile copper silverware styles are ideal for casual weekday dinners or special occasions  
  • Brings laidback elegance to your table settings
  • Artisans individually craft each piece, so you’ll never have two pieces of copper flatware that look exactly alike and we think you deserve that one-of-kind look in your home.