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Celia Hostess 4 Pc. Set
Celia Hostess 4 Pc. Set
Celia Salad Serving 2 Pc. Set
Celia Cake Serving 2 Pc. Set
Celia Cheese Tools 4 Pc. Set
Celia Coffee/Demitasse Spoons 4 Pc. Set
Celia Cheese Accessories 4 Pc. Set
Celia Cheese Fork & Spreader Set
Celia Stilton Scoop 4 Pc. Set
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Celia 4 Pc. Bar Tool Set
Celia Table Forks 4 Pc. Set
Celia Table Spoons 4 Pc. Set
Celia Sugar Spoons 4 Pc. Set
Celia Pastry Forks 4 Pc. Set
Celia Olive Spoons 4 Pc. Set

About our Celia

In honor of the Indian Bronze Age, when humans first started to work with metal our Celia pattern features a roughhewn, multi-faceted handle with a flattened end. This wow-worthy design captivates with contrasting textures and finishes, including mirror-finished utensil tops that bring a modern touch to complement your contemporary dinnerware.

Available in two handle styles, Celia flatware comes in a copper antique or a rustic black, each with a matte finish. Perfect for everyday use or special occasions, this design includes Hostess and Salad Serving Sets, Cake Pastry Spoons, Cheese Sets and Bar tools.