Use and Care

Stainless steel can last a lifetime with proper care as it is much better at resisting stains, rust, and corrosion when compared to silverware and other metals. As a good practice before taking them in use, we recommend cleaning your flatware and kitchenware with hot water and mild soap or detergent. We would love your flatware and kitchenware to last forever for you and below are some dos and don’ts to keep them in prime shape.


  • Use neutral quality dishwashing agent
  • Ensure flatware is dried with table cloth before storing
  • Wash your flatware separately from aluminum, sterling or silver-plated items as pitting can occur caused by an electrochemical reaction.
  • Try to rotate your flatware so that all pieces maintain a consistency of finish over time.
  • Once or twice a year clean all your stainless with mild stainless steel cleaner.
  • Encourage removing flatware before hot air cycle of your dishwasher as hot air increases the chances of discoloration and corrosion.
  • Store your flatware in a tarnish-proof environment.


  • Do not soak flatware for prolonged periods
  • Do not use abrasives, steel wool, or scrubbers
  • Do not let your flatware and kitchenware sit in humid atmosphere of dishwasher for long hours
  • Do not sharpen your knifes
  • Do not mix different metals in the same load.
  • Do not scrub your flatware handles with metallic scrubs to avoid erosion
  • Do not use heavy-duty or heavily chlorinated powders, liquids or gels. Also, cleaners containing lemon or orange additives can cause corrosion.

Special Cleaning & Care

Should special cleaning be necessary due to staining or marking, the gentle use of a mildly abrasive, all-purpose quality stainless cleaner will help remove discoloration while maintaining and reviving the beautiful luster of your flatware. You can also use rubbing alcohol or salad oil to clean stubborn water spots. Shine with a sponge doused in white vinegar. That’s what they do in restaurants to keep their flatware in shape.