10 Best Flatware Patterns by Inox Artisans

10 Best Flatware Patterns by Inox Artisans

Jun 08, 2021admin

There is an amazing range of styles in silverware sets out there that has been designed to go well with all kinds of table settings from rustic cafes to luxurious dining areas. However, high-volume establishments will particularly benefit from the unique texture of hammered flatware sets as they are quite capable of masking scuffing or fingerprints.

So, if you’re wondering how to revamp your dinner table, investing in a trendy yet durable  hammered flatware set of 12 is a great way to do it. Hammered texture typically contains small indentations to indicate light hammerings and you will be surprised to know how many ways it can be done.

10 Exotic Hammered Flatware Sets by Inox Artisans You’ll Love

Make a great impression on your guests with a striking tabletop lined with beautiful accessories and elegant flatware! Here, you will find 10 brilliant flatware designs handcrafted with care and precision by Inox Artisans.

Celia Flatware

Featuring a hand-hammered flattened end, our Celia flatware goes perfectly with fine dining tabletop presentations. Each set is made of 18/10 stainless steel, making it extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Jason Flatware

The smooth, black coating on Jason flatware is proof of the elegance of black flatware! The slim, rod-like design and 18\10 weight make it easy to balance and hold in your hand, making it well-suited for high-volume upscale establishments.

  Sundance Flatware

The sleek finish on Sundance flatware gives a fancy, elegant appearance on the outside and feels ideal for both contemporary and artisanal tabletops. A gentle curvature on its edges with its signature 18/10 weight makes each set a pleasure to hold. Our  decorative serving bowls make excellent companions of these beautiful flatware sets. 

  Camellia Gold Flatware

Our Camellia Gold Flatware features a thin, golden cylindrical handle rather than the conventional flat pattern. This design provides an instant ceremonial and special occasion feel thanks to its handcrafted handles and stunning finish.

  Broacade Flatware

Inspired by designs of the ages beyond, the Broacade design has been created to feature a zig-zag design on a flat, copper-tinted handle that quickly merges into the design.

  Lyric Flatware

Lyric flatware sports a slim, oblong shape from handle to bowl with tapered heads. The length of the handle is tinted in a metallic finish for greater elan. Created with the best quality 18/10 stainless steel, the minimalistic texture and subtle weight of this collection is ideal for refined dining.

  La Scalla Flatware

Another piece that has been inspired by 19th-century patterns, La Scalla features a flattened bottom base that bulges into a cylindrical shape before returning into the flattened shape. Both the flat ends have been hammered for more definition and contrast to their cylindrical sections, providing a unique sort of depth as compared to other hammered designs.

  Melrose Flatware

Our Melrose pattern has the traditional handle with a contemporary, hammered twist. This, combined with its subtle sheen and unconventional knife design propels its design into the fresh category. These collective details make it perfect for any table setting. And if you’re holding a sizable gathering, you must consider buying our  large serving spoons stainless steel pieces with this flatware set.

  Versailles Flatware

Need something that reminds you of the Renaissance? This aptly-named flatware set is a great conversation-starter with its framed curvature that will compel your guests to ask you where you got it from.

  Newport Flatware

Sticking to luxurious, imperial themes, our Newport flatware design offers a magnificent dining experience for both everyday use and for times that call for special celebratory sets. Whether you admire its perfectly balanced weight or like that the entire piece of cutlery is tinted golden, this pattern perfectly communicates class and comfort.


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