4 Hammered Flatware Styles To Make Dinner A Triumph

4 Hammered Flatware Styles To Make Dinner A Triumph

May 15, 2024Anita MacKenzie

You’ve been planning this dinner party for weeks. Your checklist is chockablock full of shopping, food prep, decorating tasks, and other details. You love the menu you’ve put together and recently bought some new linens for the table. So, why aren’t you happy with the table setting? It may be time for a new hammered silverware set.

Some of us (not you!) forget the importance of our flatware. Considering it’s the one item on the table you and your guests will use the most, why not elevate your table setting with a new hammered silverware set?

At INOX Artisans, skilled craftsmen forge and hammer our flatware. Whether you prefer something with classic lines and a weathered, aged look or a striking flatware design with larger-than-life artistic handles, here’s a round-up of our distinctive hammered flatware styles.  


The Cosage hammered silverware set features tapered handles with a wide teardrop base. A mix of the iconic midcentury teardrop silhouette and the hammered texture brings a rustic but refined look to your table settings.

You’ll love the versatility of Cosage. Perfect for that spring party or everyday dining, this handcrafted flatware harmonizes with many different table setting styles, from the chic minimalist dining room to the warm cozy style of an artisanal coffee shop.    

Twisted Urban

Here’s a twist on the classic hammered tableware set. The Twisted Urban flatware design features distinctive handles that begin with a twist and end with a raised square base. Handles go from narrow to wide in the middle, featuring small hammered dimples.

Don’t be surprised if your guests at the dinner party pick up the cutlery for a better look. And with the tactile texture of this design, you can count on lots of touching. When it comes to everyday dining, the tangible features of these flatware handles never get old.

The Twisted Urban flatware design comes in an antique copper or nascent steel finish, bringing a refreshing artistic expression to your table settings.


Looking back on the past, but headed for a future of memorable family gatherings and dinner parties, the Ridge flatware design has a richly distressed patina on each handle with lustrous polished implements for an eye-pleasing contrast. The vintage-inspired hammered flatware set features tapered handles with a center fold (or ridge) and rounded ends.

Urban Chiseled

A chisel is a cutting tool with a sharp metal edge. Chisels cut and sculpt stone, wood, and metal. Urban Chiseled Copper flatware showcases tapered highly textured square handles. The chiseled design is on both sides of the handle, giving the diner a tactile experience, while the copper finish brings a warm glow to the table.

The right hammered silverware set can elevate your table settings, incorporate texture and color, and make meals more pleasurable. You can match your flatware to your dishware or create an eye-pleasing mix with a variety of styles, colors, and textures. We love the rustic refinement of our hammered flatware designs, don’t you?

Hammered flatware FAQ

When ordering a hammered silverware set from INOX Artisans, what can I expect?

When you order artisanal flatware from us you can expect each handcrafted place setting to include a dinner fork, salad fork, table knife, soup spoon, and teaspoon. Each piece has its “slot” in a handmade cloth flatware holder. This cloth packaging is ideal for storing your flatware and for gift-giving.

What makes hammered flatware such a good choice?

Artisanal craftsmanship and personalized touches bring warmth and personality to your home and when it comes to your dining table, unique hammered flatware draws your guests, every piece tells a story.

Interior design trends for 2024 include earthy colors and eco-friendly materials. Add to that the continued desire for sustainable pieces in our homes, and handcrafted flatware becomes the ultimate accessory for the dining room.

Finally, when it comes to busy homes and establishments, a hammered silverware set is a good choice as the textured handles mask fingerprints and scuffs.

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