Best Handmade Flatware Patterns for Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday Gifting

Best Handmade Flatware Patterns for Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday Gifting

Dec 03, 2021admin

In part 2, we look at Modern Farmhouse, Boho Chic and Transitional interior design styles while exploring a home decorating trend that is really catching on, even with the younger crowd. Can you guess which style many designers and home owners are embracing? Read on to find out!

Modern Farmhouse

If you like casual finishes and rustic charm, this style might be for you. Modern farmhouse takes a fresh approach to the traditional country aesthetic, combining clean lines with a laid-back aptitude.

You’ll see painted, distressed wood furniture and big cozy seating. Toss in some oh-so-comfy pillows and some modern accessories and you’ve got the look. But, let’s be honest, the modern farmhouse style is more about creating a warm, comfortable feeling than a look.

Setting the Modern Farmhouse Table

There’s nothing stuffy about this table setting! Think cozy and approachable with a simple floral centerpiece or a pair of artificial olive trees in weathered crocks, with galvanized metal accessories and baskets of freshly baked bread.

You can never go wrong with blue and white dinnerware on a farmhouse table. Make it playful and modern by mixing up blue and white dishware in geometric patterns.

A raised center ridge and hammered nascent steel handles give our Ridge Flatware its heirloom-worthy good looks. Polished utensils make this set suitable for everyday dining or Sunday brunch. Give your table a playful touch with our Twig Flatware. Twig-like handles with diagonal cut ends contrast the glossy polished utensils to give this silverware its eye-catching appeal. Shown here with blackened handles, this set comes in a choice of satin polished or antique copper handles.

Boho Chic

Boho Chic or Boho Glam as some like to call it is anything but boring. Neither is it perfect. This home style is about surrounding yourself with textures like velvet, fuzzy faux fur, well-worn hides and layers of pattern. Furniture is often vintage - anything that has a story to tell. And since true bohemian style is all about those collected pieces from your worldly travels, this is a look that grows over time.

Want to get started on the boho chic look right now? Start by adding bright colored accessories for pops of interest with splashes of gold and other metals. Next, you’ll want to grow your green thumb for a jungle vibe, because styling boho means decorating with plants!

Setting the Boho Chic Table

Picture a white or light wood table surrounded by a mix of unmatched, colorful chairs. At the center – big, chunky gold candlesticks with bright pink candles or a green leafy plant.

A mix of patterned plates on textured woven placemats, colored glass goblets and gold flatware balances the look with charm and elegance.

Our Newport flatware set brings a boho chic aesthetic to the dining table. Showcased in a golden honey copper finish, the design features spherical handles that grow in thickness towards the end. The knife is polished stainless steel while the rest of the utensils have matching polished copper utensils. Showcased in an eye-pleasing honey copper finish, our Fairfax flatware set brings a touch of warmth and elegance to your table setting. Slender silhouettes with angular ends contrast the gently curved utensils for a look that will stay fresh and modern for years to come.

Transitional Design

Simple but sophisticated, transitional style bridges traditional and modern furniture, fabrics and decorative accessories. It’s a fresh interpretation on tried and true classics without a set direction, which lets you create spaces that balance comfort and elegance.

Think of this style as being in “transit” or traveling between traditional and modern designs. In the bedroom, the focus is on a comfortable bed with luxurious bedding and in the living room you’ll find a deep seated, comfy sofa with a mod pillow. Overall, the color scheme is soothing and muted, with darker hues reserved for accent pieces.

Setting the Transitional Table

Your diners are in for a refined but comfortable dining experience! Starting with tufted fabric dining chairs with gold nailhead trim accents, the table setting has gold details in the centerpiece and place mats.

Layer on the glass and metal textures at this table, with substantial white dishware, oversized wine glasses and elegant silverware adorning the space.

Sleek styling and a textural feel bring a modern look to your table with our Sundar Copper 5-piece place setting. The Celia Flatware set makes any occasion special. Beautifully polished on the business end, this high-grade stainless steel set showcases faceted antique copper handles with flattened ends.

The New Traditional

The new traditional style is really catching on. Whether you attribute the growing popularity of this new design trend to our spending more time at home or that as a society we long for simpler times, this style is bringing comfort and tradition back into our homes. Moreover, it’s a look that is easy for anyone to achieve.

Some call this style grandmillenial or modern vintage. Whatever you call it, this look is about mixing the old with the new. Color and texture are replacing the starkness of modern minimalism and comfort is the name of the game.

Gallery walls are here to stay with groupings appearing in more rooms - like above the bed in the bedroom. Large scale traditional furniture pieces replace lots of smaller items and your grandmother’s antique daybed gets mod touches with fuzzy fur cushions and a chunky knit throw.

Setting the New Traditional Table

Create a table setting that puts your family heirlooms in the spotlight. Matchy-matchy is out, so create your own look with a variety of patterns and colors, while keeping the table from looking over-done or cluttered.

One of the most exciting things about the new traditional style is that it frees us up to surround ourselves with pieces that we love. An heirloom silverware platter topped with a greenery-filled vase becomes an eye-pleasing centerpiece. Your favorite contemporary dinnerware, a unique flatware set and a few classic porcelain serving bowls is all you need to complete a new traditional tablescape.

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