Cheese Knife Set- Essential Cheese Knives for Your Next Spread

Cheese Knife Set- Essential Cheese Knives for Your Next Spread

Dec 11, 2019admin

It's time to replace your old, dull set of butter knives that's not suitable for cutting cheeses and won't do justice to your perfectly arranged cheese plate. Cheese lovers know that different types of cheese require specific knives to get the finest cut. Buying each knife separately may result in an unappealing mixed set, and their dependability will vary. This blog describes the essential cheese knives that should be part of your flatware collection to maximize portions and flavors of your favorite cheese.

A variety of cheese knives are designed to serve different purposes, and serving cheese with a perfect knife on a marble cheese board amplifies the beauty of the edible. The must-have cheese knives set for you are:

Soft Cheese Knife

It is designed to prevent soft cheeses from sticking on the blade, with a sharp edge ideal for cutting soft and semi-soft cheeses.

Pronged Cheese Knife

It is a multipurpose device with prongs for plating or serving, ideal for cutting soft to semi-hard cheeses.

Cheese Spreader

It is designed to apply cheese spreads and cream, spreadable cheeses onto crackers and breads, ideal for Crea, Cheese, Stracchino, and Robiola.

Parmesan Knife

It features a sharp long edge and triangular stubby blade with a sharp-pointed tip to break off chunks of hard and dry cheeses.

Cheddar Cheese Knife

It is built to cut hard and semi-hard cheeses with a cleaver shape and wide blade, and an ergonomic handle with a sharp long edge.

Flat Cheese Knife

It is used to cut slices off of aged cheeses, featuring a wide flat paddle-like blade with a sharp end.

Cheese Plane

It is specially designed to achieve thinly sliced prices of cheese, ideal for semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses.

Cheese Fork

It is essential on a cheese board to pick up cut pieces of cheese for serving or plating, with two pointed forks ideal for semi-soft and hard cheeses.

Having a perfect cheese knife set can increase your efficiency of cutting a perfect slice of cheese and make it look more presentable. Besides flatware, you can also check out their wonderful collections of cheese knives, barware, and serve ware such as Moscow mule copper mugs.

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