How To Be The Most Entertaining Bartender In Holiday Season

How To Be The Most Entertaining Bartender In Holiday Season

Dec 24, 2021admin

Holidays are here, and we are here to tell you how you can make them a rocking affair. Nothing can get your guests in a holiday mood more than a perfect cocktail mix. All you need is a set of tools in your bartender kit that can make your cocktails authentic and turn you into an entertaining host. 
If you want to juggle the cocktails, there is no need for you to spend a big fortune to set up your bar. Here is a simple bar tools guide for you that can be of help:

1) Shaker
Shaker is an essential part of the bartender kit and used for mixing and diluting your drinks such as margaritas and whiskey sours. Shakers blend the ingredients and bring out a preferred texture and consistency. Generally, shakers are preferred in metal with two-piece tin compartments. Weighted tins give the bartender much better stability while handling the cocktail. A lot of shakers come with a built-in strainer, however, that is more of a choice and not a necessity. 

2) Strainer
A strainer is one of those bar accessories that makes your drink a smooth experience. If you are not having a drink with ice, you wouldn’t want ice chips or the bits of other ingredients in your drink that can hamper your taste and experience. Here, the strainer helps out by removing those fragments. A stainless steel strainer is preferred and designed to fit at the rim of the glass. There are three main types of strainers, hawthornes, Juleps and Tea strainer. 

3) Jiggers
A cocktail becomes flawless only when you add spirits in the right quantities. Jiggers help you measure the right amount to put in the cocktail mixes. Jiggers have an hourglass shape and come in various sizes. At your home, you may not require more than one Jigger, but you should try to understand the measurement lines of jiggers to serve your guests with ideal concoctions. 

4) Bar Spoons
Bar Spoons become essential bar accessories when you need to reach the bottom of the glass to give your ingredients a proper stir. They are designed with long stems and a spiral body to stir your drink without disturbing the ice as much as possible to keep the taste intact. Bar spoons often come in handy to measure smaller quantities of ingredients as well. Inoxflatware has a handmade Coconut Wood Handle 4 Pc. Bar Tool Set that can add an extraordinary charm to your bar this season.

5) CorkScrew

Corkscrew is essential for wine lovers. Uncorking a wine bottle is a hassle. It is very challenging as there is no way to grasp the cork which is completely immersed in the bottle’s neck to prevent the oxidation process of the wine. Further, it requires a large force to draw the cork out of the bottle that can’t be done without a corkscrew. Corkscrews have been in use from very old times. Now in modern times as well they have found their place amongst wine enthusiasts.  

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