Made with Love – Why Handmade Matters

Made with Love – Why Handmade Matters

Oct 30, 2021admin

As we all spend more time in our homes, creating a home we love has taken on a new meaning. While we still want to surround ourselves with home decor that captures our attention, many of us crave things that will speak to us in meaningful ways. And the trend towards bringing carefully selected pieces into our home continues to grow.

Spaces layered with texture and warmth are trending, all with the goal of bringing in elements that make us feel grounded and connected to the natural world – just as our ancestors were throughout human history.

These days, artisan-made items bring our homes to life as we find ourselves embracing the made-by-hand look and celebrating all the subtle nuances and slight imperfections.

Made for a Purpose

Most of us have experienced the difference between tasting one of mom’s homemade apple pies to a frozen store bought dessert. As we feast on mom’s pie, we imagine her in her kitchen, lovingly rolling the pastry with her well-worn rolling pin. Was she humming a favorite tune or wearing that apron you all gave her one year for Mother’s day? When mom bakes something for you, she leaves a part of herself in it. What’s more, it creates a warm spot in your personal history.

Like mom, when an artisan creates something, they see a part of themselves in each creation. When you buy handcrafted items you connect to the creative spirit of the craftsperson who made it – an experience you won’t enjoy when you buy mass produced items.

Whether it’s a baker creating a custom birthday cake, a dress maker adding the delicate embroidered details to a wedding dress or a third generation artisan creating a stainless steel pastry fork, the end result is a work of art…made for a purpose.

Made to be OOAK

The acronym OOAK stands for “one of a kind.” The term got its start in the yachting world, when yacht builders could only enter one of each kind of yacht in the regatta.

Today, we use the expression to describe handcrafted items, since handmade items naturally vary in color, shades, textures and shapes. And since no two handcrafted items are exactly alike, when you purchase one of our artisan crafted 5-piece flatware sets, you can expect each knife, fork or spoon to be a one-of-a-kind.

Since handmade items are OOAK, they become more precious to us. We’re more likely to keep these cherished items on display when not in use and they often become heirlooms, to pass on from generation to generation.

Made to Empower

The trend for using handmade products doesn’t stop in your home. It reaches beyond, perhaps giving an individual artisan a voice they might not otherwise have.

When you purchase contemporary dinnerware and unique handmade flatware sets, you’re creating jobs for the artisans and often strengthening a whole community. In fact, with the growth of internet ecommerce businesses many artisans get worldwide recognition.

Made Sustainably

As the trend toward buying handmade continues to grow, it has inspired more people to buy things created and manufactured without harming the environment.

At INOX, we use stainless steel to create our unique handcrafted flatware and complementary serving pieces. Stainless steel lasts a long time and is infinitely recyclable – it can be recycled over and over again without degrading or losing its original quality. An estimated 85% of stainless steel gets recycled.

When you buy handmade stainless steel flatware you can feel really good about it!

Made by Human Hands

There’s something unique about dining with handcrafted tableware. It feels different and becomes more of an experience for you and your guests. Many would even say food tastes better when it’s enjoyed using dishware and flatware made by human hands.

Does this have something to do with that unbroken link to our past and skills passed down from generation to generation? Or maybe it’s because using materials with natural origins makes us feel more connected to the earth.

Whatever the reason, there is something rich and inviting about sharing food at a table made with handmade dinnerware and place settings.

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