Ratoncito – the story of a little mouse (knife) that stole our hearts

Ratoncito – the story of a little mouse (knife) that stole our hearts

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Ratoncito Perez is a beloved figure in Spanish folklore. Featured on television, in animated films, and books, he is a lovable character who collects children’s lost milk teeth (baby teeth) and leaves coins or gifts behind. In Spain, the tooth fairy is a mouse named Ratoncito Perez!

As the legend goes, Ratoncito lived with his family in an empty box of cookies in the basement of the Carlos Prast pastry shop in Madrid. At night, while his family slept he would sneak out to explore the streets of Madrid. Learning to navigate the city through the underground pipes, he would visit the bedrooms of children who had just lost a tooth. If the child left his tooth under his or her pillow or in a glass of water by the bed, Ratoncito would exchange the tooth for a small payment or little gift. 

Ratoncito, the mouse, the myth, the legend

The legend of Ratoncito began in 1886. After the death of King Alfonso XII, his widow, Maria Cristina ruled the country until her son turned 16 years of age and was crowned King. As a child, Alfonso VIII was delicate and his mother the queen doted on him, and always worried about his health. When he turned 8 he lost a baby tooth and became overly troubled and anxious, which in turn worried his mother. Wanting to assure him that all would be well, she sought the help of the writer Luis de Coloma. She asked him to write a story about Prince Alfonso’s fallen tooth. So, Luis de Coloma set to work creating the story of Raton Perez, the mouse who could trick and outmaneuver any cat in the city to get to visit his friend King Buby (the queen’s nickname for King Alfonso). Today, the original signed manuscript including a dedication to the king is stored in the royal library at the Royal Palace of Madrid. 

There is a bronze commemorative plaque inside the building where Ratoncito Perez lived. It reads: “Here lived, in a box of cookies at Prast confectionery store, Raton Perez, according to the story that the father Coloma wrote for the child King Alfonso XIII”. 

The INOX Artisan Ratoncito story

Now, we fast-forward to late June 2022. INOX Artisans had already begun production of the stainless steel “mouse cheese knife”. As we began adding the product to our site, we realized our little knife needed a name! So, we held a “Name our mouse knives” contest on Instagram. The winner would receive a Ratoncito Twig Cheese Knife 4 Pc. Set. The contest was so much fun and we’ll be forever grateful to the winner, Pandora (@pcantz8) for giving our little cheese knives a name. 

The Ratoncito Cheese Knife

So let’s talk about why the Ratoncito cheese knife has stolen people’s hearts. For one, these charming little cheese knives bring a playful expression to your charcuterie and cheese boards. Talk about a conversation starter at your wine and cheese party. And just look at that tail! 

Twig Ratoncito Cheese Knife 4 Pc. Set

But, these clever little mice go beyond just being fun. They are multi-functional as well. Ratoncito is excellent at slicing your favorite medium to hard cheeses… 

Or for spreading delicious herbed cream cheeses on crackers…

…and creamy desserts like this cookie dough cheese ball onto buttery cookie squares …

Even the adorable little ears and snout do double duty as forks, plucking cheese chunks or olives and pickles from the pickle tray. 

Our Ratoncito Cheese Knives

Here are the different styles Ratoncito cheese knives come in: 

Copper Ridge Ratoncito Cheese Knife 4 Pc. Set

The Ratoncito Copper Ridge Cheese knives will be the star of your cheese and charcuterie boards.

The Ratoncito Jason Cheese Knife Set will be a crowd favorite when family and friends gather around the cheese board. Shown here on one of our Alto Acacia Wood Cutting Boards.

Ratoncito Sundance Knife Set

The Ratoncito Sundance Knife Set brings a playful aesthetic to your Holiday dessert table.

Our Ratoncito Twig Cheese Knife Set with its little black tails brings a fun and fanciful look to your cheese platters. (Shown here with the Cupid Marble Wood Round Platter.)

Celia Ratoncito Cheese Knife 4 Pc. Set

Our Ratoncito Celia Cheese Knife Set brings a fanciful touch to your next wine and cheese party.

For those who love entertaining at home, we can’t think of a better cheese tool to have in your charcuterie and cheese serving collection. What’s more, many of our marble serving paddles and cheese boards are just the right size for two people.

We think our Ratoncito cheese knife set paired with a marble cheese paddle makes a thoughtful gift for cheese lovers, don’t you? 

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