Still Buying Lenox Flatware? There are Other Options Too!

Still Buying Lenox Flatware? There are Other Options Too!

Aug 17, 2020admin

If you want to know where to find a Lenox flatware set online, a simple web search would suffice. This blog is more about helping you find other options to choose from and buying the best from those options.

Buying new flatware can get frustratingly difficult for some of us more than the others because there are simply too many patterns to consider which can be overwhelming. This leads people to turn to one or two reputable brands like Mikasa or Lenox flatware since they don’t want to search endlessly when all they need is an affordable yet high-quality set that lasts long.

That said, there are some options that are certainly worth consideration due to their unique designs, reliable durability, and affordability. Inox’s flatware is one such alternative that offers brilliant, handmade sets that can enhance your dining experience at every meal, be it a festive occasion or a weekday dinner.

Tips for Picking the Ideal Flatware

Whether you want to gift someone a wonderful set of flatware or are retiring old flatware and need a set to replace it, we have silverware sets that are suitable for all your requirements. But how do you pick one that’s perfect for you?

When exploring well-designed utensils, there are a few things to look for and understand in order to make a great choice:

  • For starters, know what you want the silverware sets for – do you want a simple yet modern set for daily use, a sophisticated set for special occasions, or a set that works well for both?
  • Most flatware sets these days can be washed in a dishwasher, but there are some that need to be hand-washed every time.
  • Despite being made from stainless steel, silverware sets tend to lose their luster over time. To avoid utensils that rust, opt for flatware made from 18/8 or 18/10 stainless steel.
  • 18/8 and 18/10 mean that the utensil contains 18 percent Chromium as well as 8 percent and 10 percent Nickel respectively. This ensures that the flatware is sturdy, lasts long, and will not rust.
  • Aside from looking great on the table, an important thing that you must take into consideration is how it feels in your hands. In other words, the silverware set must be well-balanced and fit perfectly, not just in your hands but also in the bowls.

Inox’s Creations: More Affordable than Lenox Silverware

Of course, Lenox silverware is one of the most amazing choices out there when it comes to purchasing a new set. However, Inox Artisans also offers incredible alternatives that fit all the requirements, big or small.

You don’t have to take out word for it – purchasing a set first and using it for a while will really put things in perspective. See how it looks on the table, feel its weight and how it balances evenly in your hand. It won’t tip over whenever you set it in a dish but will perfectly get that last bit of sauce in the curve of the bowl. Most importantly, it will feel as good in your mouth as it will in your dishes. 

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