The Best Silverware For Your Wedding Registry

The Best Silverware For Your Wedding Registry

Apr 26, 2024Anita MacKenzie

Dearly betrothed, we are gathered here today to help answer some common questions couples have about registering for wedding gifts. However, the main focus of this blog is to help couples find the best silverware and serveware set for their home. For one, we know you’ll find it truly satisfying to find beautifully handcrafted pieces that will put the joy of dining at your fingertips every day. 

Secondly, from a practical standpoint, we think it’s the best place to start. After choosing a style, the next step is deciding on how many place settings you’ll need. From there, you can then easily go on to match those amounts with your choices of glassware, dishware, and napkins.

Do we need a wedding registry?

If the whole idea of registering for wedding gifts feels awkward, we understand. It can feel strange, but, trust us when we say that your guests not only expect it, they will also appreciate knowing that you have a gift registry.

After all, guests want to be sure they bought you something meaningful that you will have plenty of use for. A registry saves your loved one's time and since it will show what other guests have already purchased, Aunt Sally and Uncle Dave don’t have to worry about buying you blender number two! What’s more, keeping track of who buys what serveware set will make writing thank you notes much easier.

How many place settings will we need?

If you’ve never looked into buying silverware, there are a few basics you’ll want to know. A place setting is 5 pieces of flatware, including a knife, dinner fork, salad fork, tablespoon, and teaspoon. You should have at least as many place settings as you have chairs at your table, but it is always great to have a few extra settings. For example, if your dining table seats eight, you might want to look into flatware sets for 12. If you both love cooking and plan to serve your friends and family some delicious gourmet meals, the extra settings can come in handy when serving more than one course.

 2 Plateau Place Settings

Once you decide on how many place settings you need, you can go on to choose glassware, etc. 

Should we opt for a matching serveware set?

Once you’ve found the best silverware set and the place settings you’ll need, you’ll want to consider getting at least one serveware set. A hostess set is a great place to start. Our hostess sets are geared toward serving different foods and include a large serving spoon, a slotted spoon, a ladle, and a large fork. Other handcrafted serveware set options include meat carving sets, cake and pie serving sets, and salad servers.

Jason salad serving set 

As for selecting matching serving pieces, that depends. If you prefer the uniform look of matching copper silverware, by all means, match your serveware set with your silverware. Having said that, mix-and-match table settings are a growing trend. Since your best silverware is like the jewelry of your table, mixing metal finishes can add to the approachable charm of your table. Or you might want to opt for different patterns, with the same handle finishes.

What about unique flatware for entertaining?

If you’re a couple that loves to gather often with friends and family for drinks and food, you might want to look into registering for some unique flatware. For example, if you plan on having loads of wine, cheese, and charcuterie get-togethers, you’ll want to look into adding a cheese knife set to the registry. Our unique silverware and serveware set selection include many cheese serving accessories, along with sardine forks and olive spoons. Dessert lovers can opt for a set of pastry forks or dessert spoons.

Jason Cheese Tool Set

Jason Cheese Tools 4-Pc. Set 

What are the best silverware patterns?

Frankly, the best silverware pattern is the one that you both see yourself using and enjoying every day. Our stainless steel flatware collection includes an assortment of styles that will stand up to daily use and add character to your table on those special occasions.

Here are some common silverware patterns:

Plain: Pure and unadorned, this style of flatware is anything but boring. The simplicity of a plain pattern can add sophistication to your best china and look sleek and modern when placed with simple white dinnerware. Plain silverware may have round or square handles and come in unique finishes such as vintage gold or nascent steel.

Camellia flatware has slim, round organic handles with a vintage gold finish.

Jason silverware has square, tapered handles, left in its nascent state. The forging process creates natural pitting, giving each artisan-crafted piece a one-of-a-kind look.

Floral: Floral patterns are popular with flatware and this type of flatware can be very feminine and delicate or dense and elaborate.

Banded: This silverware style often has simple straight lines with bands or grooves near the top or base. This classic look pairs beautifully with rimmed china for elegant occasions.

Hammered: From rustic to chic, hammered flatware invites the unexpected to the table. More than any other pattern, this flatware style brings instant texture and depth to your dinner table settings.  

Urban Chiseled Copper flatware features distinctive chiseled antique copper handles with contrasting polished utensils.

Cosage silverware features flat hammered teardrop-shaped handles. If you love the combination of rustic and cosmopolitan charm, this is the best silverware pattern for you.

One-of-a-kind: When it comes to our unique flatware patterns, some of our designs are simply one-of-a-kind.

Versailles flatware features artistic handles that widen and taper towards the end. Adorned with a twist at the top and raised square edges, this artisan-crafted flatware design is truly one-of-a-kind.

Our artisan flatware collection includes more patterns and finishes for you to choose from. We hope this brief pattern guide will help get you started on your quest for the best silverware.

When should we start our registry?

You and your partner should start creating your list as soon as possible! Remember, your wish list will also help your loved ones shop for any pre-wedding events, such as engagement parties or bridal showers.

Our gift registry

Our artisan-crafted products make great gifts for any occasion. We chose to partner with because it lets you create an online registry from multiple stores. So go ahead, select your best silverware and serveware set from our shop, and add other items to the registry from a multitude of stores. 

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